Mao: Kafeero is Museveni’s dog, a guinea pig

maxresdefault (1)The self-provoked storm that is raging in Nakifuma MP Kafeero Ssekitoleko’s world shows no signs of ceasing very soon.
Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has no kind words for the legislator who introduced a private members bill to scrap presidential age limit and lift that of judicial officers as well as electoral commissioners.
“I think Hon. Sekitoleko is a guinea pig who is being used to determine whether this idea is palatable,” Mao said while appearing on “NBSFrontline” programme last night.
Kafeero has also come under fire from fellow MPs who accuse him of bribing them with 50kg of sugar and Shs10m each to support the bill.
Quoting a Runyakole proverb which says “If you have a dog, you don’t bark for yourself”, Mao described Kafeero as President Yoweri Museveni’s dog.
“You don’t Check the depth of a river with both feet,” Mao warned Kafeero, adding that the age limit was put to keep out Milton Obote because he was more than 75 years.
“Now Museveni is in his 70s. Hon. Sekitoleko is the guinea pig being used to determine whether this idea of age limit is palatable.”
Mao said he knows how President Museveni operates and knows how power hungry he is.


He said the bill will be choreographed and Parliament will just be a stage of performance.
“The only way to understand this motion is to read the preamble of the constitution. The constitutional amendment is a matter of national dialogue and not this bill.”
Mao said the ruling party fears competition, the reason security forces act in partisan manner.
“If we are to save the country from blowing up, we need to engage constructively,” he noted, accusing NRM of lacking the political will to create a better future for this country.
Buying votes
“People are tired of voting since the only engagement with leaders is during elections. In Omoro district, it was pay as you vote. We have grounds for petitioning so do not provoke us. Next week, we will still be unmasking Museveni and his machinations.”
He said NRM gloating was unjustified given the irregularities citing a lot of money that reportedly exchanged hands during voting in new districts.
“The results from the by-elections only reflect 30% of the electorate. The results don’t actually reflect the political terrain. We were ambushed. We expected elections in new districts at a later date.”
As for the bribes, Mao said Bank of Uganda is like President Museveni’s personal ATM.
“That’s very true!” concurred former Ethics and Integrity minister Miria Matembe who appeared on the same programme.

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