Mao: I’m for Mbabazi, Besigye has no ball


Kizza Besigye (L), Amama Mbabazi (C) and Norbert Mao

“God says we Go Forward,” Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao, states before quoting the scripture as he expressed his support and admiration for Amama Mbabazi.

“Exodus 14:15 And the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? Speak unto the children of Israel, that they Go Forward,” Mao insisted in his message issued last evening.

Appearing on Capital Gang earlier, Mao said Mbabazi was suffering from nostalgia like those that have defected from the NRM.

“Nostalgia can be cured. We have something we are offering Ugandans.”

He said by February 2016 the report card will be out hence no reason for fretting and fuming by sections of Ugandans.

“I have made my choice to support Amama Mbabazi for 2016. Make yours. It is a free world. Above all don’t do something permanently stupid just because you are temporarily upset!”


Mao shocked by Opondo’s love for Besigye

Mao further wondered why NRM top echelons all of a sudden found a lot of love for Col Kizza Besigye?

This came after NRM deputy spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, appointed himself Besigye’s drummer boy and started praising the opposition leader.

“I don’t see where Opondo has found the love for Besigye,” Mao had intervened on the talk show.

“Has the Amama-mania seen during his recent tour shaken their confidence?” he asked.

He said NRM even postponed its primaries because of suspicion that Mbabazi “has sleeper cells of Pro Change leaders at the heart of NRM waiting to emerge and cross to our side thus reducing NRM to a tiny minority in parliament”.

“I once said that Museveni is just one big defection away from defeat. That defection occurred when JPAM wrote his missive to Museveni about what he believes has gone wrong in the regime he has served so faithfully.”

According to Mao, the country faces a critical penalty kick.

“Who do we trust to take the shot? I think someone who knows the man between the goal posts well and how he makes his moves is best suited to take that shot for all of us. When he scores all Ugandans will jump for joy. No one loses. All Ugandans win with JPAM! Nothing personal. Uganda has the opportunity to Go Forward,” Mao went on hysterically.

According to Mao, Mbabazi is very prepared for the elections.

Museveni and fish rotting from the head

Mao wondered if he is so insignificant, why people are fussing about him.

“You can safely ignore him as he heads toward his inevitable political oblivion.”

Using the analogy of a fish rotting from the head, Mao pointed out that the head of the rotten regime was Museveni.

“Now his supporters are crying crocodile tears for Col. Besigye as they bash JPAM.”

He said the “Musevenists” are now masquerading as Besigye stalwarts.

While acknowledging that all over the world incumbents have an advantage, Mao observed that it was “a funnel” to say Museveni won’t get 51%.

Besigye has no ball

Mao said they in TDA who are for Mbabazi have decided not to tackle anyone who doesn’t have the ball.

“We all know who has the ball. We should all focus on tackling him. When your house is burning you don’t chase a rat fleeing the flames.”

Col. Dr Kizza Besigye is descent man who has made enormous sacrifices for the opposition struggle; sometimes at the expense of his life and family, Mao stated.

“He is someone I profoundly respect. While we agree on many political issues, we have had some disagreements on approaches to our political struggles.”

He says they may have disagreed on the choice of TDA candidate with Besigye but ultimately they will find common ground in the course of the election period.

“To some of you throwing insults at me, we can disagree without being disagreeable. I welcome principled disagreement but not insults.”

He said TDA’s joint goal was to consolidate the strength of the opposition forces.

“If we genuinely think we can win, let’s give it a shot.”

He quickly pointed out: “I thought Besigye’s focus was divided. After 3 runs you can say there’s something a keen to Besigye.”

He continued: “No one should make an assumption that he [Besigye] has his voters tied up in a sack.

He remarked that while they have all been exchanging words, they still are on the same side.

“We should now have a ceasefire. I look forward to coming back to Capital Gang either licking my wounds or celebrating.”

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