Mao calls Mateke a dinosaur from Jurassic Park


Mr. Yahel Vilan, Ambassador of Israel to Uganda, presenting his letters of Credence to the Minister of State of Foreign Affairs for Regional Cooperation Hon Dr. Philemon Mateke

In his recent analysis, Democratic Party (DP) President, Norbert Mao, looked at Minister Philemon Mateke, and recalled dinosaurs from a film titled “Jurassic Park”.

Jurassic Park is a 1993 American science fiction adventure film directed by one of Hollywood’s finest directors, Steven Spielberg.

Dinosaurs are a diverse group of ferocious mean-looking and terribly ugly beasts that lived [perhaps before man], many millions of years ago.

Mao compared Mateke to the ancient animals while analysing the diverse ways that president Yoweri Museveni has employed to keep himself in power.

“Museveni was a Minister at the time when I was a primary school pupil. I am now 48,” Mao pointed out.

He said Museveni was combatting the onset of senility and struggling to present an image of youthfulness.

“He does press ups to dupe the unsuspecting public that he still has stamina. He dabs in rap music to project the image of a man in tune with modern musical trends. But all that cannot beguile Ugandans.”

Quoting the “book of Tyrants”, Mao said Museveni has made Bank of Uganda his private ATM, “the military and police will serve the role of appendages to the regime and the Electoral Commission will be but a figurehead as state operatives run the elections behind the scenes”.

He said if the opposition was so weak and utterly in disarray as some people seem to think, Museveni would not be running around scared of losing elections.

“He would not be seeking to be guest of honour at every little ceremony in the country. Museveni is running around scared because for once he can smell defeat and he knows that the army will not defend him and keep him in power when he is defeated at the polls. He is desperate for a semblance of legitimacy.”

Mao said NRM was divide citing the case of General David Sejusa who denounced the regime while still in uniform, former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya and former Prime Minister and NRM Secretary General Amama Mbabazi who stood up and called for regime change while still NRM members, saying this was not a simple thing.

Turns to Mateke the “dinosaur”

Mao said because Museveni panicked and gave the lion’s share of cabinet appointments to Kigezi in the recent reshuffle so as to curtail Mbabazi.

“Even dinosaurs like Philemon Mateke came back from Jurassic Park to sit in the front benches.”

Mateke, the Minister of State of Foreign Affairs for Regional Cooperation was first said to be in his early 90s but his family quickly dismissed the report claiming he was only 72 years old.

Al the same, Mateke, a former Kisoro district Chairman, became one of the oldest serving politicians in the country.

H is famed for stamping out Mbabazi’s support in Kigezi region something that had started costing Museveni some votes.

Mao says now competence is no longer in issue in Museveni’s government.

“I watched the pathetic performance of Mateke as he struggled to present a ministerial policy statement to parliament,” Mao wrote.

“Despite the dismal performance a “heroes’ welcome” was orchestrated for him in his backyard of Kisoro. Museveni is desperately looking for counterweights to the likes of Amama Mbabazi. When Mbabazi was recently asked why he was so silent his answer was that if his silence is making Museveni panic, why should he speak?”

Mao cited the Luweero by-elections which, he said, with Bukenya’s appearance, Brenda Nabukenya, the joint opposition candidate defeated the NRM candidate.

He concluded that Museveni was scared about a possible defeat in the next election.

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