Management does not equal leadership


Managers only manage unless they have leadership skills.  Keep managing and one day even your job will go away!

Leaders guide, coach and guide people to their life goals and the goals of the company or firm.

What I have noticed with some managers in Uganda is due to the high unemployment rate (I hear it is 80-90%) so many managers treat their employees like garbage.  This is a very big mistake.

First of all, you hired those people because they have skills which you do not have.  You heard me right.  If you could do their jobs, why do you not go ahead and do their jobs instead of hiring them?

Then we have another set of managers that say “I will fire you and hire someone else at less cost”.  Really?  Have you ever factored in the training for their jobs?  Read my previous article:

Your job as a manage is to manage the budget and projects and bean count.  Your job as a leader is to guide people to the end goal of whatever it is your company has as a mission, project success or AND including guiding them in their careers.  If you thrive on insulting your employees on a daily basis, you will pay a price.

I have heard some people say they will not promote their employee or transfer them because the employee is very valuable in their team.  WRONG.  They will leave you and go else where.

You will occasionally run into those who do not care about your arrogant ways of “managing” them at work and they will throw the towel in and walk away.  After all, if they are working for you, there might be someone else out there who might want them.  People are not assets.  They are the capital for your company so treat them like fragile objects.

Does anyone in Uganda remember Africell firing some 49 engineers?  OR do you remember British Airways closing its Uganda operations?  Perhaps more recent you might want to remember Uchumi shutting down all its operations in Uganda.  OR even better, what about the current government we have where bosses think that Ugandans owe them and hence participate in nepotism, corruption, sexual harassment and the destruction of our country and economy.  Musaga busazi.  The employees are not here to please you.  They are here to do a good job in a supportive work environment that is not poisoned by nepotism and harassment.

One last thing, every company needs an employee training budget, continuous performance evaluation (which should be to identify the growth areas for the employee instead of denigrating them) as well as a supportive environment for their family needs.

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