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Makerere students say VC Ddumba is illuminati


Placards painting VC and guild as illuminati [All photos by Campusbee photographer, Zahra Abdul]

Their anger having not been fully quenched by Monday’s strike, Makerere University students are now passing off their guild president, Bala Bwiruka, and the Vice Chancellor, Ddumba Ssentamu, as members of illuminati.

Today, students marched across the campus shouting strike chants in rejection of the 100% tuition within 6 weeks policy.

They demanded an explanation from the administration as to why the policy that sparked off a similar strike in March and was later abolished, has been reinstated.

Meanwhile as they protested, students carried placards denouncing their guild president for “cowardly chickening out of the demonstration” and selling their to the highest bidder.


They want him out of the guild office and made their message clear in chants “Bala Must Go” that rang from corner to corner of the country’s most prestigious institution.

They even managed to beat him up before anti-riot police could intervene and rescue the shaken leader.

Bala, Ddumba “illuminati”

The most interesting development saw students carrying placards with words “Bala illuminati, Ddumba illuminati” insinuating that the student leader and university administrator were members of a secret devil worship cult.

It has become a habit of painting people as illuminati in Uganda even without evidence of their participation in the satanic cultship.

Musicians like Jose Chameleone, Juliana Kanyomozi, Irene Ntale, APass, Maro, Eddy Kenzo and others have been branded illuminati although they came out quickly to deny the accusations.


Similarly, Makerere students did not produce evidence to implicate their guild and vice chancellor as members of the secret society of devil worshippers.

Ddumba who has for over 35 years served as lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor and professor at Makerere University, says he is a Roman Catholic by faith and a believer in the living God.

Guild leader, Bala on the other hand, also says he is a Christian and who loves gospel music.

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