Major Désiré Uwamahoro is human after all



Uwamahoro is really a human being who can be afraid like everyone else?

Uwamahoro had thought that the day he falls will be the day when the system will collapse, that on that day he would sell his skin dearly and that he would kill a max of Mujeris [nickname given to a certain category of the Population by the proponents of power] before capitulating.

He told himself that he was going to carry out spectacular operations worthy of the best sequences of Hollywood, that people will say: “aaaahh it was still really this type who pulled rockets on funeral convoys …”

And hop !!!! Surprised by the surprises, he is arrested as a regular citizen. No show, no pursuit, nothing. He is handcuffed and taken away, normally like everyone else.

Then, he is interrogated [and probably seriously too] at the SNR as was the correspondent of RFI [taken at the time by the same Uwamahoro].

And afterwards, he is thrown into prison as a mere protester. Without any reaction. Normal, nothing nada no pirouettes and other techniques of fighting commandos.

And the icing on the cake, here he is saying he wants to be transferred to Ngozi because in Mpimba he does not feel safe. This is normal given that he has thrown a lot of young innocent people in that prison.

But wait!!!!! All this time he lied to us? We believed him strong and invincible, no?

Above all, he was thought to be incapable of experiencing the emotion called FEAR …

Basically, it’s easy to play the Rambo and terminators when you’re surrounded by 15 guards armed to the teeth and at the slightest confusion you know you’re going to call for reinforcements.

It is easy to play hard when using the means and the attributes of the State to suppress small young people who have nothing with which to defend themselves.

But once in jail, alone, without escort, without pickups, without rocket launchers and other artifices, when you are on equal terms with these little youngsters that you have embarked to store in prison at the chance of your moods …

Eh At that moment, the terminator becomes a mere mortal, a being who is conscious of the finitude of his presence on earth, he becomes a philosopher, in short he becomes capable of feeling himself in danger. Unbelievable !

He was believed to be courageous, ready to face all dangers with rashness without any fear.

Conclusion: it’s easy to play hard when you are in a pickup and have an escort, with this set up everyone could become a Rambo if they wanted.

Let’s wait for a spectacular escape!

The lastest news is that he was transferred to Bubanza. He feels safer there.

Translated from French by:

Martha Leah Nangalama

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