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Maj Twaha: Will Museveni kill Sejusa too?

Maj Twaha Musiitwa Mukiibi (Ret.) commnaded a unit that saved hundreds of thousands

Maj Twaha Musiitwa Mukiibi (Ret.) commnaded a unit that saved hundreds of thousands

After appealing to the army to join the “people’s struggle”, caged UPDF Gen David Sejusa’s camp has now turned attention to Uganda police officers.

Major Twaha M Mukiibi, the External Coordinator Free Uganda, quotes the Citizen Newspaper of 25/11/1994, saying in 1994, Sejusa warned the people of Uganda about the NRM plans to extend itself and Museveni in power indefinitely and most ignored his foresight.

“Today Gen. Sejusa is standing against that NRM and Museveni’s hanging on to power by hook or crook hence being forcefully and illegally incarcerated.”

The major says by using the military court to try “to silence the Free Uganda chairman”, Museveni is “wasting his time because he is on borrowed time”.

“The only way he can silence Gen. Sejusa may be is to kill him. Will he kill him…?”

Twaha said the people of Uganda would free Gen. Sejusa because “he is no Plastic General, he is a principled General”.

During his incarceration, Sejusa said the next government that takes power will free him from prison.

Call for police

Meanwhile, Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, is rallying police officers “to demand and work for a better Uganda”.

He reminded them of how they have been abused and misused in “fight the president’s personal wars against your fellow citizens”.

“And you, the men and women of the Uganda Police Force have been used as a tool of intimidation and gross human rights abuse.”

Magombe reminded the officers will be blamed for the savagery and naked violations of the People’s constitutional rights.

“This, therefore, is the time for all our brothers and sisters of the Uganda Police Force to show that you love your nation Uganda.”

“You have the opportunity to book your honourable place in the new Uganda by doing the right thing – standing shoulder to shoulder with your fellow citizens in this final struggle.”

His call comes amid social media reports that officers are planning a mass demonstration against what they termed as “tribalistic promotion” of their colleagues last week.

The president promoted 496 officers but according to a petition now in the IGG’s office, all the promoted had no qualifications and were elevated on bribery, favouritism and tribalism basis.

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