Maj Twaha: Revolution coming despite Sejusa detention


Major Twaha M Mukiibi, the External Coordinator of Free Uganda liberation platform, says the arrest of Gen David Sejusa “will not deter the impending People Power Revolution”.

Major Twaha Mukiibi 48, (Retired) who has lived in the United Kingdom since 1990 is a tested liberation fighter, having been a commander in one of the liberation groups that fought in the Luweero Bush war.

“The aims and objectives of Free Uganda are not controlled by the physical presence of its chairman. Wherever you put him, the programmes of Free Uganda will continue unabated with or without Gen. Sejusa,” the Statement reads.

Major Twaha says that: “Free Uganda is a Pro-Democracy organisation. We have a programme of action that is guided by a strong sense of discipline. It is true that Free Uganda has a well thought out program to mobilise the people of Uganda first by encouraging them to protect their votes.”

He said whatever Free Uganda will do in collaboration with the masses will depend on Museveni’s decisions during and after the elections.

“You rig, we challenge you. You attack the unarmed peaceful democrats and the people will invoke their constitutional right to defend themselves.”

Clarifying that Ugandans will not nibble on Museveni’s bait, Twaha reveals that the world is “watching with a critical eye”.

“With those who used to help him [Museveni] rig elections now on the other side of the political divide. With the masses jumping ship and openly rejecting both his money and his lies. With the masses getting ready to use their votes to send him into forced retirement. With the realisation that this time the people of Uganda are ready to challenge his handpicked Electoral Commission if they attempt to rig the February 18th elections, Museveni has pre-empted the people’s intentions by arresting Gen. David Sejusa the chairman of Free Uganda hopping that people will react and go on the streets so that he can destabilise the elections and call them off for security reasons. He got it wrong.”

Twaha urged the electorate “not to sell their votes to the dictator and his agents” and encouraged the people to go out on Election Day “armed with nothing but their ballot papers”.

Then after voting, he continues, Free Uganda is advising the people to protect their votes at all cost.

“The only side that has threatened violence during this campaign is Museveni, his Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura, the Chairperson of NRM Ms Kasule Lumumba, the NRM Jinja RDC, and the NRM government spokesman Ofwono Opondo. Those are the people and the organisation that is planning to shoot and kill Ugandans during and after the elections.”

Twaha clarified that neither the Leadership of the FDC nor those of Go Forward have promised violence.

“Gen. Sejusa has never threatened to use violence but promised to mobilise the masses in a peaceful and defiant stand against attempt to rig the elections. Civil disobedience doesn’t have to be violent. Those who are against it are the people of violence.”

Detaining Gen. Sejusa, Twaha points out, has not served Museveni’s purpose, “it has further weakened him by showing the whole world how he is panicking”.

He said the destiny of the people of Uganda is in their hands.

“The aims and objectives of Free Uganda are not controlled by the physical presence of its chairman. Wherever you put him, the programmes of Free Uganda will continue unabated with or without Gen. Sejusa.”


“So if you thought that detaining Gen. Sejusa will win you extra votes in the elections, you were ill advised,” he concluded, emphasising that “the struggle continues…no retreat No surrender”.


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