Magombe to Opondo: People power will crash your boss


Mr.Ofwono Opondo chats with the President after receiving his Golden Jubilee Medal during this year’s Heroes Day Celebrations in Kiboga.


Ofwono Opondo, the rabble-rousing spokesman of Mr Yoweri Museveni’s regime, is reported to have warned West European and American ‘Colonialists’ not to interfere in the electoral reforms crisis that has pitted the Ugandan people against the Kampala regime, with a real possibility of an eruption of serious violence and political conflict should Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for nearly 30 years without a democratic mandate, attempt to organize another sham election in 2016, as he is planning to do.

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Not only are the People preparing to disrupt and stop those elections from happening.

They are now gearing up for a People-led revolt to dismantle the regime and force Mr Museveni out of power should he himself refuse to voluntarily step down from the presidency.

Mr Opondo, it is not the ‘Colonialists’ you should be afraid of. It is People Power that is going to bring down Mr Museveni’s autocratic rule.

It is not the British government, the American government, the German government, or the Swedish government who are the real threat to the continued stay in power by your boss Mr Museveni.

In the coming months, all political circumstances remaining the same, the entire population of Uganda will be rising up to throw the much detested dictator from State House. And that is not a mere threat.

As you can see from what is happening right across the Ugandan country, the People have lost the fear of scarecrows who think they own the whole nation.

That beautiful land called Uganda, Mr Ofwono Opondo, belongs to the people, and not to that one family. Stop dreaming and wake up to the reality of a powerful people revolt coming your way.

The best advice you can give your boss is not how to deal with ‘colonialists’. It is how to escape the People’s wrath by doing the right thing – stepping down now.

The People of Uganda – when properly mobilized and energized, are more powerful and dangerous Museveni’s regime than all the ‘colonialists’ put together.

You can see how Mr Museveni is panicking – falsely arresting and torturing innocent Ugandan citizens, like has done to Mr Robert Shaka.

How shameless Mr Museveni can be! Even after misfiring and discovering that Mr Robert Shaka is not the all-powerful anti-regime cyber nemesis, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO), the president does not have the decency to release the innocent young man from custody. How heartless!

It is because Mr Museveni is now so scared of Ugandans, especially the youths who are the backbone of the struggle, well knowing that in no time they will bring his regime down.

And so, in his nightmarish confusion and panic, Mr Museveni has resorted to aimlessly waving his dagger left and right, up and down… like a mad man. He does not know where the fatal deadly missile is going to come from.

Museveni knows that his time in state house is coming to an end. He is totally petrified and horrified of People Power. He is so frightened and fearful of what might be in store for him at the People’s Frontline.

So Mr Ofwono Opondo, the best advice you can give to your boss is – “Mr President, things are bad oooh. Fire is starting all over the place. A Volcano is about to explode. A deadly Storm is dangerously near. Please, save yourself, the family and the few remaining friends from peril. Start packing your belongings and leave Ugandans alone. If you do the right thing, and do it right NOW, you never know, the compassionate People of Uganda might allow you and your family to retire in peace.”

Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, also Head of Diaspora Mobilization of Platform to Rescue Uganda – PRU

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