Magogo thanks himself for 2 years at Fufa


Moses Magogo

The FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo marked two years today in office.

In his speech to the football fraternity that was broadcast live on Monday afternoon on 102.1 FUFA fm, the FUFA President was appreciative of various personalities, institutions, fans, media and sympathisers for their unconditional support during the two years as FUFA President when was elected to replace Lawrence Mulindwa in 2013.

Appreciation message

My Family

My Mother, Children, Siblings, Relatives and close long-time Friends have paid the heaviest price of my unavailability yet have stood with me in the thin and thick.

HE the President of the Republic of Uganda,

It has been an absolute experience where HE the President has financed the Uganda Cranes under my 2-year administration to a tune of over 1.2 billion UGX in cash.

The President quickly internalized our challenge of creating a body corporate to own FUFA assets and has offered the best guidance.

The humility of the President making a telephone call to the Uganda Cranes Captain and Coach is unmatched.

The various telephone calls and meetings with me have offered the best assurances. Getting a minute to attend a football event such as SC Villa at 40 is memorable.

Now that we explained and you understand that Uganda Cranes is the National Football Team a lot more is expected. Thank you our dear President.

The Government of Uganda

We have never been supported by the GoU like it has been in the last 2 years. The funding, the guidance and the availability of key government persons have all been absolute despite the fact that we need even more support to deliver football to Ugandans.

Through the National Council of Sports and the Ministry of Education and Sports, I convey our appreciation to the various government organs and offices.


Despite our membership to CECAFA, CAF and FIFA, it has been a magnificent journey. Competitions, courses, projects, funding and regulating have been coming in volumes. I thank CAF for the increased funding but more especially FIFA that the success of the 2 years had everything to do with support from the world’s soccer governing body.

My Private Business Associates

I have not been available for key events and meetings and generally for holding back on business direction for lack of time as I am engaged with FUFA. Whereas it has affected the progress and delivery speed, you have been very understanding.

Mr. Lawrence Mulindwa

I will eternally accord Mr. Mulindwa the gratitude for unearthing me and providing me with the platform and support to showcase my commitment, dedication, and administrative abilities.

On top of mentoring and training, he further passed on a button of the Presidency to me of an institution he had built a strong foundation for. I will not let you down Lawrence and thank you for the support.

The Various Advisors

If it has not been for the various high profile individuals calling me unsolicited to guide and advise me, I may have lost track. The list of the Ladies and Gentlemen who have guided me is a long one but let me mention  HE the Vice President, Rt Hon Speaker of Parliament, Hon Prime Minister, CDF, IGP, Hon Minister of State for Sports, Mr. Godfrey Kirumira, Hajji Umar Mandela, Omulangira Nakibinge, and many others please accept my appreciation.

The FUFA Delegates

The decision to become FUFA President was made by none-other than you the delegates. I thank you for the opportunity and your trust in me has taken us this far.

The Members of the FUFA Executive Committee

The guidance Vice Presidents and Members of the Executive Committee offered has propelled the Federation. You have bought my ambitious ideas and even made them better. Thanks for the respect and standing by me as your President.

The Members of the FUFA Standing Committees,

The 110 members of the 22 standing committees of FUFA have done a wonderful job. It is a voluntary service without pay but you have helped the Executive committee take informed decisions. Asante.

The FUFA secretariat staff

Whereas I tried to improve the working conditions inclusive of more expertise and numbers of staff, it has been a great job despite the fact that a lot in compensation should be provided. Thank you CEO and your staff for working under the pressure I exert at times.

The Players

This goes to the Uganda Cranes and generally national teams’ players but also to all footballers in Uganda. Without you we cannot have the game. Thank you for understanding and applauding my different approach to the administration of the game.

The Referees,

These have been the greatest foot soldiers in my last 2 years as President. Whereas your remuneration has not been forthcoming, you have gone ahead to use your personal resources to finance the Uganda Premier League. I promise to change course in the next 2 years for the better.

The Administrators

Football Administration for the amateur game is being selfless and a thankless job. At all levels, I thank you for the job.

The Club Owners and Funders

Football is built on competitions between football teams called clubs. Without Clubs we could not have had competitions. I thank the various club owners and funders as individuals or as institutions. You are the pillars of Ugandan Football. You have kept the game alive when it was not making money to sustain itself.

The Sponsors

There is nothing I could have achieved without funds. I thank all the various sponsors for the Cash and Benefit in Kind you provided us. I must exceptionally thank Airtel the Official Sponsors of the Uganda Cranes. Nile Breweries, NIC, BIDCO, Azam Pay TV, Pepsi, and Coca Cola amongst others have contributed to FUFA in the last 2 years. Round of Applause

The various Service Providers

The unsung heroes include our Bankers, Air Carriers, Hotel Providers, Media Houses, Stadium Owners, security etc although we pay for the services, but it is impractical for us to have run the 2 years successfully without the support of you guys. Take my simple message that FUFA recognizes your contribution.

The Fans

The game is meaningless without the fans. I thank you all the fans of the Uganda Cranes and other national teams for turning up in numbers even when results are not in our favour. The Cranes Na mutima fans, club fans of teams playing in the Uganda Premier League have rekindled the nostalgia of local football. Thank you our dear fans.

The Media

The positive criticism that has been offered, the promotion of our services and products to our fans, the unlimited platform offered to football, the football “banter”, and reporting of what could have escaped our eyes and minds has been a huge contribution to get us here. I thank you ladies and gentlemen.

Rubaga DFA and Kampala Regional Football Association

My age-motivated excesses were tolerated by the District Football Association at Rubaga and I have been elected their representative to FUFA for the last 10 years. This is absolute confidence and thank you my people. I enjoy unlimited and unmatched support from the football people of Kawempe, Central, Nakawa, Rubaga and Makindye. Thank you so much my people.

The Community of Mutundwe Lions FC

I will not forget the day I went to train at Mutundwe Lions FC and I was scared to join the big boys until coach Muwonge saw my hidden boots and asked me if I had come to play. When I said yes he ushered me to the team. From Mutundwe Lions I was able to rise to the President of FUFA. Thank you my “hommies” at the Club.

The person of Moses Magogo

Finally to the person of Moses Magogo for living up to expectation and beyond, many doubted my abilities to last days, I have instead made strides and prepared the game for professionalization take-off. I thank myself too.

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