Mafabi: NRM still in power for 300 years


President Museveni waves to supporters at Imperial Royale hotel

President Yoweri Museveni’s private sectary for political affairs, David Mafabi, says the ruling party is still in power for 300 years to come or more.

“NRM has the clearest perception of what has to be done. We have a unique leadership in Kaguta Museveni, we can organise,” Mafabi said during a Twitter session running under a hashtag #AskNRM on Saturday.

Praising Museveni as a unique leader unequalled by no one, Mafabi said it was the ruling party that nurtured even those opposed to the president.

“Amama Mbabazi and Kizza Besigye were nurtured by the movement. They got ideologically impatient and in the end…lost their way.”

Mafabi, while unpacking the NRM 2016 manifesto, said the movement has actually been around for more than 50 years [not 30 years as many know] and is still going.

“It will be around for more than 200-300 years,” he emphasised.

Mafabi said NRM has survived for long because of ideological clarity.

“There is no political force that can match the NRM. That is the first reason why NRM must continue.”

Secondly, he said NRM is a mass movement, it has organisational capacity, ability and strength to translate the ideology.

“We have that capacity to organise millions of Ugandans.”

He further said the ruling party was ready to take Uganda forward economically and socially.

“Our manifesto answers the deepest desires and goals of the African; prosperity and security as well as the well-being of our people.”

He added: “We guarantee that prosperity through security. We know the yearnings of Ugandans and African people.”

The manifesto, he noted, also addresses the obstacles to achieving those set goals.

Mafabi said the first obstacle is ideological disorientation which is a malaise/ disease suffered by the African elite.

“This ideological myopia is the reason we have many people running around confused like headless chicken.”

He said even technocrats in ministries are also peasants and can’t see beyond this narrow world and the same goes for those both in parliament and cabinet.

“NRM is now taking Ugandans to the industrial stage away from the peasantry agricultural stage.”

A tweep then inquired what NRM was bent on achieving in these five years [2016-2021] that it failed to achieve in 30 years [since 1986].

Mafabi used the anecdote of a child who first learns to sit, crawl, stand up, stand and fall…until they walk saying it was a process.

He said NRM had to establish minimum recovery first and will now commence on other stages.

He observed that social economic transformation was in phases and despite their achievements as a government, there were still challenges.

He was, however, optimistic that the NRM structures built over the years would help in monitoring developmental programmes and ensure service delivery.

Another tweep asked what exactly NRM wants to achieve and for how long.

Mafabi said while the NRM manifesto is for five years, the ruling party has a lot more to do.

“NRM must complete the journey of transformation. We must move to a middle income economic status, upper middle income status and then first world. We must consolidate the EAC federation and later African federation. This can’t be a five-year thing.”

He said this included industrialising the economy which would curb the problem of unemployment.

“There is no magical wand to this. Having leaders who can’t comprehend this is a waste of time. The NRM is here for 200 to 300 years and even more.”

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