Mafabi: NRM has reduced people to yellow t-shirts


Mafabi meets a supporter

Opposition FDC Secretary General, Nandala Mafabi, says Ugandans want change badly because they are unhappy with President Yoweri Museveni.

“People want change, badly,” he said at Kizza Besigye’s rally in Katakwi district on Monday.

“They [Ugandans] are unhappy that the NRM government reduced them to yellow t-shirts.”

Mafabi said while Museveni has been saying he holds rallies in villages where he has strongest support, FDC is in those villages and the situation speaks otherwise.

He noted that in a number of places where FDC has been, voters were unhappy that NRM has reduced them to nothing more than yellow t-shirts.

“We are encouraging our supporters to show up on Election Day, vote and stay behind to guard their votes,” Mafabi urged voters.

“This time, voters will protect their votes. They are the number one protectors of their votes.”

Speaking in Serere district, Besigye advised voters to take NRM t-shirts to gardens whenever they receive them.

“When they bring these t-shirts take them, it is your money, you can use them in your gardens,” he said.

He added: “Teso will become again, we have a lot to do when we take over power. We will not betray you.”

Besigye said the FDC government in July 2016 budget, will immediately invest in teachers and the learning environment to foster quality learning for children.

He said the country has never had a corrupt government like that of NRM.

“We must solve this mess of corruption.”

FDC manifesto

In his message in the recently released FDC manifesto, Mafabi says whereas the ruling party is proud of increased GDP and revenue collection, the qualitative increase in the lives of citizens is not comparable to the much touted exponential   growth in the economy.

“All the wealth generated in the country is inappropriately being shared by 1% of the population while 99% continue to wallop in abject poverty!”

He says while Universal Primary Education increased enrolment, only 23% of the children  enrolled in primary one make it to primary seven and amongst these, only three children out of every  ten  can comprehend a primary two passage.

“Youth unemployment stands at 82%; as 19 mothers continue to die due to child birth related ailments despite the existence of HC IIIs at every sub county.”

According to Mafabi, Ugandans have been conditioned to believe that it is a natural phenomenon to live under hard conditions and indignity!

“As FDC Party, we promise to eliminate corruption, wastage, bureaucracy and incompetence.  Once these are dealt with, the resources shall be directed in productive sectors of Agriculture, industry and tourism in addition to creating a healthy and competent human resource through quality education and health.”

He adds: “As FDC, we uphold the principles of democracy and social justice as the true engines of sustainable peace.”

Mafabi said these ideas can only be realized if all Ugandan come out in big numbers and vote for change in the forthcoming 2016 elections.

“It is therefore my appeal to Ugandans to vote Col (Rtd) Dr. Kiiza Besigye as President and all other FDC Flag bearers in the forthcoming 2016 election.”

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