Machar reappointed South Sudan vice president


I will not pretend that I know a lot about Africa as much as some of you supers.

So Machar and Kiir raged a war on their people for exactly what?  This part has never been clear and please give me some credit, I do read.  Katono.

So Machar and Kiir were dead set on destroying each other’s camp but not anymore.  I do not think it is only because His Royal Highness President Obama talked in Nairobi and Addis Ababa (if you do not think he is royal, go get your own).

So in the end, we have Kiir and Machar agreeing to fix the things which their country (South Sudan) needs.  Well, you could have fooled me too.  Because why on the earth would I fight my neighbour down the street when him and I could just sit down over a glass of red wine.

Jokes aside.  South Sudan had said in the past that the foreign troops had to get out in order for them to forge peace. I hope you love Google.  There is much you can learn about this crisis.  In the meantime, we weep for our sons and daughters who vanished with no trace.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Born and raised in Uganda, Kenya and Canada.  You make a very big mistake to remain silent in cases of human rights abuses.  The world will remember you.  “Our problem is not the ones who persecute us but rather the friends who remain silent while we are being persecuted.”  SILENCE IS CONSENT.

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