Mabirizi: State blames its victims Mbabazi, Besigye


Independent candidate, Joseph Mabirizi, has not entirely disappeared from the political scene after 2016 elections as many had anticipated.

On Tuesday, Mabirizi issued a statement wishing women happy celebrations.

“There are the few women who are being showcased as the achievements of the 30 year corrupt regime. They are less than 0.001% of the suffering women down there.”

He said women down there don’t own land, work hard on farms and the fruits of their labour taken by force from them by their ungrateful husbands.

“The women down there die in thousands every year during child labour. The women down there toil to send their children to school until they graduate but their children won’t get employed because they don’t know anyone up there.”

He said on the other hand, women up there are also often exploited in many ways, sometimes emotionally, sometimes sexually, in order to stay up there which he said was very sad.

FDC boycott

Mabirizi said he would stay at home on Thursday in solidarity with his brother in the struggle for true democracy Dr. Kizza Besigye.

“I will also attend the prayers on Tuesday.”

He, however, refused to boycott the artistes who sang Mr. Museveni’s campaign song.

“This is because I want to still engage them and make them understand that praising a corrupt and unjust leader just because he has paid you is evil. I know that they can repent,” he explained.

Amama lawyers’ offices break-in

Mabirizi then condemned “the most likely state inspired” break into the offices of Amama Presidential petition lawyers.

“If the eyewitness reports are true that the attackers were a mixed gang of persons in uniform and plain clothes a full investigation of this incident is absolutely necessary.”

He said Counsel Basalirwa one of the Petition lawyers had earlier reported that 13 witnesses had been arrested.

“This is not the country we can be proud of. We should commit all our energies to changing it.”

Besigye house arrest

Mabirizi now says Besigye “the victim” has become a target of blame like the state said the break into Mbabazi’s lawyers was stage managed.

This is what Mabirizi says:

  1. When my brother Kizza Besigye bandaged his hand after he was shot by a rubber bullet in his finger during the walk to work protests of 2011, a government minister said he was lying – that “he was using the bandage and arm sling to attract sympathy”.
  2. When Police undressed FDC Women leader along Masaka Road on her way to Rukungiri, police said she had “undressed herself”.
  3. At the start of my presidential campaign in Busoga, when I was abducted my men in military uniform never mind that I was under the watch of 11 counter terrorism policemen who had been placed to guard me 24 hours a day even as I use the bathroom, “They said I had kidnapped myself. That I was a comedian”.
  4. When armed personnel broke into my brother Amama’s petition lawyers’ offices they say it was an inside job; “that the lawyers broke into their own offices and stole their own computers and documents.

Let’s wait to see who abducts himself next.

You cannot fool all the people all the time.

For God and my Country.”

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