Mabirizi slams Kadaga, calls for Museveni-Besigye talks



On Thursday, former presidential candidate Elton Joseph Mabirizi visited jailed opposition leader Kizza Besigye at Luzira prisons.

He told press that Besigye has been denied access to his personal doctors by prison authorities.

“This is wrong and goes beyond abuse of rights. We regard it as a direct threat to the life of Dr. Besigye. We ask the prison authorities to urgently do the right thing and let Dr. Besigye Doctors have access to him.”

Mabirizi also noted that many opposition activists have been arrested and tortured in mysterious circumstances.

He asked government to stop hiding its head in the sand and admit that Uganda is in a serious state of conflict.

According to Mabirizi, the only way out of this is dialogue.

“Dialogue is not a sign of weakness. It is actually an act of strength. We believe that through dialogue, we can agree a way forward for our country. It is not possible to keep peace by the gun on the streets.”

Mabirizi says the presence of armed police and military on the street has not stopped acts of insecurity occurring in different parts of Uganda.

“These are suspect and could be early signs of armed rebel activity.”

MPs greed

He said while the 427 member 10th Parliament was sworn in last week, hundreds of parliamentary elections petitions await hearing.

“This is further proof that the last elections were poorly managed.  The highly publicised and confessed ‘contribution’ of Shs5 million to each NRM MP ostensibly as a donation from Mr. Museveni to buy new suits, is to us at The Independent Coalition, an official bribe.”

He said the Deputy Speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah was selected under influence.

“We condemn this in the strongest terms and appeal to the electorate to put pressure on the MPs who received this bribe to refund it to the national treasury, as soon as they receive their first salary.”

He noted that MPs are demanding to have their salary doubled and also car allowance hiked to UGX 200 million from 103 million, a burden he said is too huge on the tax payer.

“We appeal to the MPs to have a heart for the country and also to the electorate to exert pressure on them at constituency level, to cause them to drop these un-reasonable demands.”

Kadaga shrine visit

Mabirizi also described as devastating a visit by the Speaker of Parliament to a shrine.

“This is clearly a mockery of the Bible on which she had taken oath a few days earlier as Member of Parliament and as Speaker, as a Christian. We condemn this blatant act of inconsistency of character. One cannot swear by the bible and still worship spirits, other than the living God.”

Mabirizi observes that Uganda is a secular but religious country and that’s why the country’s motto is “For God and My Country”.

“What message did the Speaker send to the young people who otherwise thought of her as a role model?”

He called upon all God fearing Ugandans to demand a public apology from the Speaker instead of her offering diversionary explanations like she has done, one of them being that she was promoting tourism.

He said the former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya did a similar thing while he was still in office.

“We all know what has happened to him. We are also aware that Mr, Museveni has high regard for witch doctors. This does not make it right.”

Mabirizi says to keep quite on this matter would be to betray his own faith and The Independent Coalition he represents.


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