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Luweero fumigates roads ‘infected’ by Museveni rally

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Luweero residents yesterday took to the roads with disinfectants to clear them of all traces left by President Yoweri Museveni.

The NRM Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba, had earlier on told press that their chairman would begin with the Luweero Triangle, the district where he started his guerilla war between 1981 to 1986.

Museveni thus started his campaigns in Luweero-his historic stronghold for the liberation struggle, on Monday.

He addressed rallies in Kapeeka, Ngoma, Semuto and ended at Kasana grounds in Luweero town.

“So why did he choose to launch his campaigns in Luweero? The NRM revolution was started, hatched and built in Luweero. That is why we are launching the campaigns in Luweero,” Museveni said on the rallies.

He even promised to take wealth and job creation to the triangle.

People disinfect roads

Yet on Thursday, on hearing that Amama Mbabazi was going to Luweero for a rally, residents picked fumigators and took to the roads to “disinfect” the presence and last tracks Museveni left in the area.

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With some donning Mbabazi T-shirts, others holding his posters and making Go Forward signs, Luweero residents turned up in large numbers [despite the rain] and attended Amama’s rally.

After the road cleansing ceremony, supporters welcomed Mbabazi with drums, xylophones that complimented the singing and dancing.

Amid the chants and praise songs, Mbabazi joined in and showed what what he can do when it comes to kiganda dance.


Amama dancing with musician Mathias Walukaga

After the rally, Mbabazi thanked the residents for welcoming him with open arms.

“We must continue to engage on issues that affect the community,” he said.

“Once again I would like to emphasize that we must tackle issues of veterans compensation; Forward linkages especially agro-processing of the main crops in the area (pineapples and oranges), cooperatives especially with regard to financing of agriculture as well as having adequate Health Centers 3 and 4 that serve the community.”

It is not clear why the same people who sheltered Museveni during the liberation struggle would disinfect him like some kind of pest.

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