Lumumba: New NRM team is open, selfless




The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba, has called upon Ugandans to put the service of their country above selfishness to build a better nation.

Lumumba was Monday addressing press in Kampala about the progress towards renewing the NRM to make it better to mobilise and deliver a sound victory in the general elections of 2016.

“If you love your country as we do, we urge citizens to register and play their part in our great movement as we campaign in the months ahead for a better and more prosperous future for all,” she said.

She was launching the second stage of their mass membership drive – in Kampala and Central Regions.

Registration of members in central will begin this Friday, May 15.

NRM abandoned the old register which was allegedly hidden by the former Secretary General, Amama Mbabazi.

Lumumba said they will be hosting six zonal meetings in central region starting 10:00am on Tuesday.

The expected Participants include the area members of parliament or flag bearers, the LCV chairpersons of flag bearers, the district NRM Executive committees, the LCIII NRM chairpersons, the sub county NRM chairpersons, the District Administrative Secretaries and the District Registrars.

On Wednesday, they will be training sub county registrars, as well as distributing material at district level.

Thursday will see training of village registrars and the actual registration in the central region begins on Friday.

“NRM membership and the registration process is free and open to all Ugandan citizens aged 18 and over,” she said.

Lumumba noted that all these activities are aimed at strengthening NRM as part of a much bigger journey that has seen the reintroduction of multi-party democracy in our country to what we are achieving now: a full and vibrant multi-party system with a governing party that has a mass and inclusive grassroot structure.

“I have immense pride in our party as we renew our vows with the Ugandan people in advance of the 2016 General Election.”

“Through this process of renewal, we show how we work together to put service to our country above selfishness and personal ambition,” she urged.

She recalled that the movement was one built for and by the people from the grassroots up, and existed solely to serve their interests in the pursuit of Peace, Unity and Prosperity.

As the governing party of our country, Lumumba noted, the NRM has a duty to you to explain our activities in the most transparent way possible.

“This spirit of openness, I intend to continue all the way up to the General Election. It is part of the many changes you can expect to see and experience from the renewed NRM.”

That is why the party is registering members-some of whom have long been members of the party- as well as new people who have never previously been involved- it is renewing the party from the grassroots up.

“Our mass membership drive has been underway in Northern Uganda and reveal to you- in the new spirit of openness you will see from team NRM- the numbers of members recruited. What I can tell you today is that the numbers are overwhelming.”


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