Lukwago: Museveni belligerent, Uganda a failed state



Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago says the country is still in a vicious cycle hence no reason to celebrate.

He cited a case in which Dr Kizza Besigye was arrested immediately after he was acquitted by court at the start of the week.

“This was not an acquittal. It was a discharge. Case has been on since May 2015 but state failed to provide evidence,” Lukwago said in a Q&A session with NBS TV on Tuesday.

He said Director of Public Prosecution’s office has been subjected to inordinate abuse by the office bearer.

“That office has been abused. DPP has absolute unfettered powers that have been abused i.e. has powers to proceed with a case or drop it without reason.”

According to the mayor, Dr Besigye heads a struggle that he subscribes to.

“He is a flag bearer for the cause of change. I don’t trail Kizza Besigye. I work with him. He is a flag bearer for the cause of change, a revolution I believe in.”

He claimed that opposition is causing “tremors” in the government and “bringing it to its knees”.

“Uganda is on the brink of being a failed state hence the purchase of military hardware to police the public. [This is] very costly.”

“They don’t need to use force to respond to the issues we raise. They simply need reality therapy. Even if you get Erias Lukwago, Kizza Besigye out of the way, others will rise. Resources wasted on useless ops should be diverted elsewhere.”

Museveni Uganda’s problem?

Lukwago even suggested that President Museveni has become a problem to Uganda.

“We no longer have an NRM party. We have Musevenism and Museveni. Many of these Museveni apologists are not even sure about the future NRM party of this country or whether the center bolt will hold”.

According to Lukwago, President Museveni is still steeped in the belligerent mode; he is yet to transition into statesman status.

“Saying there is time for politicking and time for doing business is a misconception. Politics is about management of society. How do you manage society without talking about politics? The politics we are engaged in is constructive.”

Lukwago noted that all these cases against opposition are bound to suffer the same fate; they will be thrown out because here is no evidence.

“Musevenists should acknowledge that Kampala and Uganda can exist even when the majority of those in power are not Musevenists.”

Lukwago pointed out that those he is supposed to serve are being clobbered while ‘tycoons’ are grabbing everything.

“And you expect me to be silent? No.”

Musisi, Kamya

On his relationship with KCCA Executive Director Jenifer Musisi, Lukwago said it was statutory.

“The two offices are created by the law and are supposed to operate within the law. Unless the issues KCCA are resolved, we will continue to have challenges.”

Institutional building process is delicate, he said, adding that the invisible hand wouldn’t wish things to work out KCCA.

On Kampala Minister Beti Kamya, Lukwago said he answers to her because hers is largely a supervisory role that is mainly eyes on and hands off.

“I am the political head of the city. A supervisor [Minister Beti Kamya] can’t summon me the political head.”

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