Lukwago: Judges are Museveni captives


Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has added his voice to those condemning Supreme Court justices for dismissing Amama Mbabazi’s election petition.

Lukwago says the argument that the petition collapsed for want of sufficient evidence doesn’t hold water because the  law commands the Supreme Court to conduct an ”inquiry” into the presidential election petition as opposed to a ”hearing”.

“This implies that in as much as the law imposed a burden of proof on Hon. Mbabazi, as a petitioner, the court equally had a duty of working out a mechanism that would cause all the relevant evidence to be adduced before the bench.”

He said the justices abdicated this constitutional duty, and they are not being sincere and just in heaping the entire blame on Mbabazi for the miscarriage of justice the country witnessed.

“Their lordships have legalised a form of bribery from government officials in disguise of government programs,” Lukwago said while appearing on NBS TV on Thursday.

Lukwago says if Amama continues with his resilience, the sky is the limit.

“God forbid I would never accept appointment as justice of the Supreme Court.”

He said if the evidence was well corrected, the Supreme Court would declare Kizza Besigye as elected president.

“The Supreme Court has never deemed it necessary to call President Museveni to come to court and stand in the dock.”

He said NRM shouldn’t take pride that they were dragged to court over vote rigging.

“This is the third time president Museveni is being dragged to court. A man who went to war against vote rigging dragged to court by his own comrades is abominable and Museveni should not take pride.”

He added: “I wasn’t surprised by Supreme Court ruling because that was obvious. All institutions are captives. However, what surprises me is that all the nine justices had the same finding on this case.”

The results were known because all the systems in this country are captive, Lukwago continued, saying it was a shock for nine justices to have the same view regarding the petition.

“Amama Mbabazi did not lose the case neither did President Museveni, it is the constitutionalism of this country that lost.”

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