Lukwago: I’ll not allow 2nd coup at my office

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias
He says while worldwide mayors of capital cities are treated with utmost respect, that does not happen in Uganda.

“I will not accept to be treated as an impeached mayor. I am the current Kampala Lord Mayor but many people refuse to accept that,” Lukwago maintained while appearing on NBS television Monday.

Lukwago revealed that he has a judgement in his favour issued by High court judge Lydia Ssali Mugambe but “somehow, they are using state machination to fight me. Impunity”.
He said given ongoing 2016/17 budgetary cycle, there should be a sitting Lord Mayor but he is being locked out of that process.

“KCCA is determining priorities for 2016/17 budget, a process I am not part of. Then people will later blame me when things go wrong.”

He added: “I’m in possession of the mayoral office keys. I attempt to access it, then state resources are used to block me. Unconducive.”

Lukwago observed that he was illegally hounded out of office; he was toppled and a coup was carried out although he struggled to foil the coup.

The mayor said his “tormentors” are using a 20-day interim order that expired in 2014 to keep him out.
On Friday, Justice Kavuma couldn’t defend why and how a 20-day interim order he issued in 2014 is still being used to lock Lukwago out.

“For the Attorney General (AG) Mr Fred Ruhindi to opine that an interim order can last for 2 years is bogus. I have to clear my record. The attempted ouster went in record but today, I am not an impeached mayor.”
Lukwago says he fights on because Justice Mugambe ruled that the ouster was a nullity from the very start.He noted that 80% of Kampala dwellers voted for him hence will not succumb to the attempts to frustrate him out.

“Even President Museveni knows it that no dictator can suppress the people forever. I need the instruments of power. Yes, I have a car but how about other facilities that I need to deliver?”

Lukwago says the political dynamics are different. Opposition beat NRM in Kampala hence has an upper hand.

“By voting the opposition leaders despite the frustration people like me have previously faced, Kampalans made a bold statement. I have been a successful litigant but government’s impunity is why the court order is being defied.”

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