Lokodo on spot over sex books at Greenhill academy


Officials last week raided Greenhill Academy, a prestigious private school, to seize copies of British children’s author Jacqueline Wilson’s “Love Lessons”.

Minister for ethics and integrity Simon Lokodo told AFP the book exposed over 700 pupils aged between five and 12-years-old to early sex.

“The books contained literature on sex and these books are not suitable for primary pupils,” Lokodo said.



“Love Lessons” tells the story of 14-year-old Prudence, who escapes the misery of life at home with a controlling father after falling in love with her handsome art teacher.



Though she shares kisses with the teacher there is no explicit sexual content in the novel, which is aimed at young teenagers.

Juliet Namuddu, a Director for Education at KCCA, said what happened at Greenhill Academy is disappointing.

“We are going to do a lot of vetting to see that this doesn’t happen again. This is a wake up call for all of us.”

She added: “We are going to make sure that vetting is done on all levels. We have already briefed our supervisors.”

According to experts James Tweheyo and Leonard Okello, while every teacher is supposed to be a mentor, unfortunately it is not the case.

“This is a problem. I believe primary schools should only focus on teaching science and not sex education,” Tweheyo said while appearing on NBS TV morning breeze Thursday.

He said some of these books pass through Ministry of Education and these donations are either by the owner of the school or parents.

“If materials are donated to a school, they are supposed to be evaluated by the Ministry of Education before releasing them.”

Tweheyo suggested a further investigation saying while the ministry of Education licensed Bridge Schools, they do not know what is being taught there.

“Some school are worse than Greenhill Academy. One other problem is some parents think that it is all about getting school fees money. There is no parent-student connection. The kids spend more time with their teachers than with their parents.”

Okello, on the other hand, said decisions to close Greenhill Academy should not be based on excitement and recklessness calling for proper investigations.

“If Lokodo finds out that the books were released by the ministry of Education, will he close the ministry down?”

He said it is not entirely wrong to have sex education taught in schools.

“What we should have is regulations and guidelines around it.”

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