Like Obote even Museveni a ‘warmonger’ will go-Matembe


Miria Matembe

Former Ethics minister Miria Matembe has described President Yoweri Museveni as “a warmonger”.

“In fact, he calls himself “Sabalwanyi”. He believes he brought us peace,” Matembe said last night while appearing on “NBSFrontline” programme.

According to Matembe, when NRM guys are talking, they think they are God.

“They seem to have forgotten Uganda’s recent history,” she noted, reminding them of former Prime Minister and President Milton Obote who too was forced to relinquish power.

“Museveni went to the bush when he believed he had been cheated. Why do we want FDC people to keep quiet?”

She added: “When Museveni felt rigged in elections, did he sit back and accept results?”

FDC secretary for mobilisation, Ingrid Turinawe, who was appearing on the same show, said opposition has evidence three million votes were manufactured.

“We will produce it before an independent internationally-supervised audit. We have a commissions act. The audit can be handled under that act.”

She said such audits have happened in Afghanistan, Haiti and Kosovo.

The ruling party NRM’s Mike Mukula, on the other hand, said there is no perfect election.

“We need to agree that campaigns and elections are over. Peace and stability is crucial.”

Dissatisfied, Matembe recalled that Museveni diagnosed staying in power as a problem saying now he [Museveni] is on a mission to stay in power for life.

“Be realistic and tell Museveni that he’s not the only Ugandan. I saw Obote go. You people should be honest with him.”

She added: “And stop this business of saying you are praying for me. I don’t need your prayers. My prayers reach God before yours.”


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