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Letter To King Paul Kagame: Learn From History Your Grace!


As Rwandans plan to remember those who perished 23 years ago this 6th of April.

One must first look at what has been achieved in the past years and more importantly whether the current regime understands the challenges that lie ahead if they do not live up to the wishes of the Rwandan people as enshrined in the 2003 Constitution.

Paul Kagame’s story is similar to that of many of us.

The gentleman spent over 20 years as a Refugee in Uganda before he could fathom the thought of returning to his native country.

The only difference between him and I is whereas he shed blood in order for him to ascend to power,I have chosen to demand inclusive politics through the art of activism.

Bearing in mind that “war” only benefits the Oppressor;

My philosophy has been a total departure from what is expected of an ordinary Rwanda.

Below is the Letter I would love to address to King Paul Kagame AKA Mwami Kigeli VI.



Dear Excellency Paul Kagame-The King of Rwanda,

In relation to the forestated,

It is my duty as a Rwandan Citizen who has been denied the right to be raised in his own country and who share a story similar to yours to remind you that Rwanda is bigger than all of us.

It is my wish that you consider INTER ALIA;

1. The strict adherence to the Supreme Law of the land as promulgated by the 2003 Constitution that was hailed as a positive step in ensuring that Rwanda was to move beyond her horrific past.

2. Not even during the time of the Tutsi “Mwamis” which was characterised by the rule of “terror” and the oppression of the Hutu majority,has Rwanda witnessed such concerted efforts by those entrusted with government authority to destroy the much cherished national project of rebuilding Rwanda into a democratic nation as we are witnessing under the RPF(the party you chair) today.

3. When those in authority continue to disregard the clear and unambiguous provisions of the Supreme Law of the land.

The Constitution,and other attendant legislation in pursuit of private agendas and interests,then there is cause for all level-headed Rwandan Citizens like you and I to get concerned and take steps to protect the interests of the nation against such forces,whatever their political,cultural,etchnic and social standing.

4. Last year’s move by the Rubber Stamp Rwandan Legislature to allow you to be Rwanda’s Eternal Leader(Dictator Perpetuo) was yet another blot on the struggling reputation of our Dear Nation which has been characterised by a series of sustained assaults on various Democratic Laws and other binding International Conventions through the abuse of State Institutions.

5.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to assimilate why people responsible for keeping law and order and protecting the Rwandan Constitution would be the ones in the forefront assaulting the very Laws they are supposed to protect and enforce.

Why did the Police have to shoot an unarmed Muslim Citizen who posed no threat to anyone’s life on the pretext that he was a “terrorist”?

What happened to due process?

What the police ought to have done was to apprend the suspect and if found that he was actually preparing to commit some trangression.

He was to be availed to the Criminal Justice System and be prosecuted as the law dictates and not be subjected to retrogressive and arbitrary actions as shown in the conduct of the Police.

6. Rwanda is no longer a normal Dictatorship nor a Totalitarian State,

Even more appalling “Your Excellency Paul Kagame”-Your government has transcended the “nightmare” experienced under the Kingdom of Rwanda by turning Rwanda into one of the most retrogressive Police States.

7. It is disappointing and very sad to be witnessing various subjugation of ordinary Rwandans such as Victoire Ingabire,Kizito,etc…(Tutsi,Twa and Hutu alike) by a man who calls himself a Democrat and by the likes of Clinton as one of the new Breed of Progressive Leaders in the Great Lakes Region that have been going in our Dear Nation and have reached unprecedented levels today.

All in all.

This is not the independence that our forefathers sacrificed everything for nor the kind of political governance “Rwigema”-Your fallen comrade envisaged when he attacked Rwanda in 1990.”
Yours Faithfully,
Lionel Nishimwe,
Concerned Rwandan Citizen.

In conclusion,

I will continue praying that you learn from history that every Kingdom has an end and before you stand for a fourth term next year,

You must bear in mind that people like me have not given up on the “cause” that is to free Rwandans from Despotic Leaders like you.

To all the Rwandans living in despair below is my advice inspired by the Late Nelson Mandela drawn from “Long Walk To Freedom.”;

“I have walked that long road to freedom.
I have tried
not to falter;
I have made missteps along the way.
I have discovered the secret that after climbing a
great hill,
one only finds that there are many more
hills to climb.
I have taken a moment here to rest, to
steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me,
to look back on the distance I have come.
But I can
rest only for a moment, for with freedom come
and I dare not linger, for my long
walk is not yet ended.”


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