Letter to Bahati: Don’t dare insult Mbabazi again

Rachel Adams / PICTURED: Reach Out Mbuya Parish HIV AIDS Initiative, Kampala. If the anti homosexuality bill passes into Ugandan law, health centres like this which deliver essential services will be required to report their homosexual clients.


A youthful lad from Kabale, Sam Evidence Orikunda, has written to the State Minister of Finance for Planning, David Bahati, asking him never to dare again insult Amama Mbabazi.

This is the letter to Hon. minister David Bahati:

Special greetings sebo Minister from Kigezi news.

I’ve tried to get in touch with your political assistant but I’ve failed since he couldn’t pick my continuous calls.

I’ve therefore decided to Use Kigezi news page.

A page that has become a platform of Kigezi politics. Many thanks to comrade Musinguzi Goodluck for the good work well done.

First and foremost Sebo Minister, I would like to congratulate you upon being appointed a minister we thank God for that and today I will ask our Muburizi to accept the Choir to sing “Tukutendendereza” for you as way thanking God.

Secondly, of recent Sebo Minister I saw you on one of the Television in Uganda telling Ugandans that Rt Hon. Amama Mbabazi is not the change that we need.

That thing haunted me and it has been itching me like Cancer. I’ve therefore decided to inform you about it.

I want us to agree that the opposition has failed to bring change to Ugandans for 30 years now.

However the declaration of Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi resurrected hope in us had died completely and got rotten.

Rt Hon. Amama Mbabazi is like Joshua who will lead Ugandans to the Promised Land. He has managed to completely change the Politics of Uganda in not more than a month.

Therefore Honourable Minister, a single insult to him or any negative statement leaves many of us psychologically tortured.

Nokimagye Sebo Hon. Ngu enyungu yaguma ahamahega nerugaho eyatika 30 years are too much.

It’s high time we accept change to take place not only change in leadership but the whole system.

My Mukaka in the village is suffering too much with Kids he stays with.

The Ndyandazi she used to buy at 500sh is now sold at 600.

And many other things which prices have increased. I’ve been preaching to her a gospel of voting for change come 2016 and am sure you won’t change her now because she is a total convert now.

Thirdly Sebo Minister, We recognise the Presence of a team of about Ten Yellow boys who were given a responsibility of black mailing Rt. Hon Amama Mbabazi.

Here on Kigezi news, however, they have not been successful.

Their team leader Kyombex David is carrying a big cross of insults and abuses.

Am sure his great grandparents must be turning in their graves because of the reception he has been given.

Finally, Sebo Minister I pledge my support if you promise to MOVE FORWARD with us. As Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi rides us to the Promised Land.

I thank you for your Kind attention. I pray for God’s guidance in everything you’re doing Owekitinisa Minister.

Yours truly,

Sam Evidence Orikunda

Your young brother and comrade from Kyokyezo (a village in Nyamweru Sub county) but soon becoming the Kogero of Uganda.

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