Leaders with perennial debts are a danger-Museveni


Museveni campaigning in Dokolo

“Moreover, indebted leaders are a danger, a security risk, to the country because they can easily be manipulated by external forces,” President Yoweri Museveni writes in his article on an egocentric Ugandan political class.

“This is intolerable.  Let us go back to the basics ─ altruism, sacrifice, service delivery, development and wealth creation by using Government resources,” he adds.

In his lengthy article, Museveni says the NRM government is still facing two problems ─ the corruption of the civil servants and also, increasingly, the corruption and ego-centrism of the political class.

He says the original problem of corruption was of the civil servants who he describes as “selfish, unpatriotic and never bothered with the problems of Africa”.

Nipping political problems in the bud

Museveni praises himself for employing the likes of Jennifer Musisi [KCCA ED], Allen Kaginas [URA commissioner general and now UNRA ED], Pius Bigirimana [Gender Permanent Secretary] and Lucy Nakyobe [State House Comptroller] to nip the politicians’ problem in the bud.

Museveni says most leaders at the Secretariat of NRM, came with careerist attitudes ─ looking at political leadership as a job while “we the freedom fighters have always looked at leadership as a mission, not a career or a job”.

As such, he writes, they abandoned the role of being leaders of the electorate through guidance and examples and, instead, becoming, an exercise of utter fertility, the “carriers” of the constituencies using personal money.

Museveni says this has resulted in mistakes; one is that the leaders have sank into perennial debts ─ really leading a miserable life and two- the population has been demanding money from the leaders.

“You [leaders] are ruining yourselves with futility being the end result of what you are doing.  The use of personal resources for politics will ruin you,” Museveni advised.

He said in USA, the leaders who engage in politics, raise money from the public, not the other way round.

“Besides, you will have no impact on the constituency. Your personal money is too small to make any impact other than rendering you bankrupt.”


He faulted Churches and Mosques that put pressure on political leaders by many fundraisings yet the leaders, being careerists, cannot be honest enough to tell the churches and mosques that they are being ruined financially.

“I contribute to the churches and mosques using State money.  I would not be so irresponsible as to excessively encroach on my personal resources to do the fundraising for the churches and mosques.  I can contribute some bulls or heifers to a fund-raising but not excessively to the extent of getting into debts on account of fundraisings.”

According to the president, fund-raising should be like blood donations.

He asked Members of Parliament to work with the President to put more money into Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) where the thirst for seedlings and breeding stock is now clearly huge.

“The 203 billion shillings for NAADS is not enough.  We need something in excess of 1,000 billion shillings. The same applies for micro-finance, something in excess of 500 billion shillings rather the mere 44 billion shillings we are putting in now.”


Museveni advised voters not to vote for the one who bribe them rather than for the one that can channel (kukusakira) the resources from the government to them.

“You [voters] disenfranchise yourself. Why? This is because the person that bribed you will tell you that “akalulu akange nakagura” (I bought my vote), “therefore do not bother me” by asking me about services.”

He adds: “He will not be bothered about bringing services, wealth creation items or development to the area.  He will start accumulating money for the next episode of electioneering and bribery.”

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