Kyalya: Mbabazi will destroy opposition, return to NRM



Presidential candidate, Maureen Kyalya, has placed blame on Go Forward camp in relation to Ntungamo clashes with President Yoweri Museveni’s supporters.

This is her opinion:

I have been reading all your posts about the incident in Ntungamo between NRM and Go Forward but if we are going to change Uganda, then we have to take due responsibility for our wrongs.

In this case I say JPAM TEAM was completely wrong and owe Uganda an apology for the following reasons:

  1. Independent Candidate: Amama Mbabazi is nominated as an independent candidate in the current Presidential Elections. He has no party like Museveni and Besigye. This means that every single Ugandan, regardless of political affiliation is his supporter.

There for all the people who were beaten up were actually his supporters and they should be apologised to.

  1. Dishonesty: No one will come openly state it but I will: The JPAM TEAM is dishonestly claiming a status that is not theirs: They have confused all existing and established political parties by misleading their candidates to stand and promote themselves as Go Forward candidates, a party that does not exist. This has not only killed the opposition unity specifically between FDC and all the other parties, but has completely finished off opposition in Uganda.

No country can thrive without opposition so please reconsider your approach. In effect you have aligned two NRM factions against each other, Go Forward crashing and destroying the entire opposition and in the end if and when you reconcile with NRM, which is a big possibility, Uganda as a nation will have no opposition at all.

FDC the leading opposition party will have been put in a COMMA and we have already attended the funerals of UPC and DP thanks to you. I find that extremely selfish and unpatriotic. Offensive to the Uganda Nationals being trampled on and taken for granted especially those from the Northern Hemisphere of Uganda whose only contribution to Government has been mostly though opposition parties.

  1. Encroachment on NRM: I do appreciate I am opposing the NRM Government but opposition does not mean destruction. JPA Mbabazi of all people should not be at the lead of castrating NRM because every single fault NRM is accused of, was actually done by him. As Prime Minister, he was the Head of Government Business and therefore responsible for NRM Activities. If NRM failed, then he failed and should take responsibility.

JAPM owes Uganda an apology and deserves to offer an action plan of how he is to ensure those wrongs do not happen again. It is a sign of extreme poor leadership for a National leader not to take responsibility for their actions and instead wrongly blame and castrate his colleagues. The rest of us have a right to attack NRM, JPAM and the JPAM Goforward do not. You cannot condemn your own child to be hanged however guilty they are; that means you took part in the crime and fear that if he doesn’t die, someone will come for you too.

  1. Opposition or NRM: The JPAM/ Goforward team has not come out clearly to state whether they are an opposition team or simply a warring faction of the ruling Government. On one hand they have immensely destroyed the opposition structures and on the other, like caterpillars the NRM structures. You are not helping to reunify and rebuild Uganda, instead you are working very hard to take away even the little unity that was remaining.

Please, I am one of the candidates in my region and before you came to Busoga, I appealed to all the Basoga to attend your rallies and all presidential rallies; although not in Uniform so we can all learn from each other.

If I had told them not to, trust me you would have felt the difference. The Basoga who attended included NRM cadres and NRM supporters, FDC supporters and all the rest. We independents are supposed to be none partisan national leaders, not party leaders like Museveni and Besigye who have parties.

Please my colleague JPAM and all your supporters; embrace Unity as the only way forward. “Going Forward” with disunity and bloodshed is not good or desirable for Uganda.

Maureen Kyalya Waluube

London, United Kingdom

[Only female presidential candidate in 2016 elections]

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