Kyalya: I’m mentally ill


Former presidential candidate Maureen Kyalya Waluube has confessed that she is mentally ill as claimed by Forum for Democratic Change supporters.

The former candidate is currently engrossed in a social media battle with opposition supporters who accuse her of supporting President Yoweri Museveni and demeaning opposition leaders.

Last week, she dedicated Juliana Kanyomozi’s “Kibaluma” song to all her haters.

They responded by alleging that she was “Butabika mental hospital case” and that she was actually admitted to a London mental hospital before elections.

“Not that I didn’t expect it but I am so grateful that you have nothing against me other than madness propaganda that you cannot even substantiate,” Kyalya fired back.

She added: “I will help you and accept that I am mentally ill as you claim. The real question is so what? Does my illness make you more intelligent, brave, courageous, social, than me?”

She wondered if mental illness is a precondition for not becoming President of Uganda “which I will by the way”.

“And who amongst you can share, online a medical report that you are not mentally ill yourselves. Have you ever actually checked yourself out?”

She said this is similar to the stigma people had about HIV/AIDS 20 years ago when they ran away from victims and attacked them.

“Haven’t all of you become HIV victims one way or another either through acquiring it, losing a parent, friend or other family member. I would not be worried about a mad person on treatment as stated by my doctor ‪Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, I am more worried at you who see a mad person and pick up stones to shoot at them.”

She said those who have abused her for being mad, should check in their families if there are no mad people and if yes, then go ahead and stone them.

“If I am mad, then unfortunate many of my FB friends are mentally ill too because those insults posted in my name were actually authored and posted by my dear friend ‪‎Kapere. Funny if you go to his timeline you will find similar language, yet he is not mentally ill and I a victim of such insults I am.”

She says none of those insulting her even voted for her during the 2016 elections and she doesn’t expect anything from them.

“I can only advise you as a mother that a fool should not make you one. A mad person should not make you one as you have exhibited here.”

“I do wish you luck in your smearing campaign only you have started too early, who knows you might eat your words soon or later.”

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