Kyalya: I’ll make Besigye my PM or VP


“It’s not about the chances of winning the elections. It’s about chances of rigging,” only female presidential candidate, Maureen Kyalya, has said.

Kyalya was on Saturday appearing on radio Power FM Uganda to talk to her supporters.

“I’m the only one trained for the job [presidency]. I’m the only one who believes in cooperation.”

To elaborate on cooperation, Kyalya said she would appoint FDC candidate, Kizza Besigye, either her Prime Minister or better…the Vice President, if she wins February elections.

“I feel Besigye can be Premier of Vice President. I’m simply doing something.”

“Go and vote Kyalya so that we can get out of this tear gas and gun regime.”

She said what Uganda has now is what the British wanted.

“We are very blessed. We don’t need militias. I’m the best for Uganda at this point.”

Asked what solutions she had to Uganda’s problems, Kyalya cited unity and affirmative action.

She said President Kaguta Museveni has been saying to the world that he is loved by Ugandans but that he “is struggling”.

“It’s me who has infected them (Ugandans) with love and unity.”

Kyalya says she wants to see a united Uganda.

“My vision is national and international. We don’t have a parliament. Those are people who rigged the elections.”

Scrapping age limit

“I’m going to scrap age limit the lower and upper. You can be a prime minister at 18 so that you can plan to become president,” Kyalya noted.

She said to instead of playing cards, drinking alcohol because youth cannot become presidents, in her administration, she will encourage the young to start building their ambitions early enough.

“Gaddafi [Col Muammar and former Libya leader] became president of Libya at 26. This thing of making president a god should stop. I believe that this should be a transition.”

She said for example, it is in the last 20 years that Uganda has seen the face of Museveni.

“He is always been the reason why there has always been war in Uganda.”

English language

Kyalya seemed to conquer with People’s Development Party president, Dr Abed Bwanika, on the question of English language.

“English should not be our national language. It can be the official but not the national language.”

According to her, a language like Luganda can easily unite people because it’s a foundation language.

“Abroad, we all speak Luganda [regardless of tribe]. I was in Busoga. We had to study Luganda. It’s something that unites us. But how many Ugandans know English?”

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