Kyalya dedicates Juliana’s ‘Kibaluma’ to haters


I have summed up all the different angles and insults posted to me into three major themes all adding up to jealousness. I pray that one day you will climb too and overcome it.

  1. Prostitute: Well in the Ugandan context it is called prostitution and in the international context it is called progressiveness. The ability to move on and not be held back by unnecessary political loyalties. Haters expect me to choose between their own Heroes i.e Museveni, Besigye or Mbabazi and stick there forever as they have done. They seem to think I am their child and they have a right to decide for me who I should or should not interact with.

My professionally trained Social Skills intimidate them because I can ably communicate, hug and dine with all three and the rest of the competitors without hard feelings.

Well I do accept its prostitution and will continue enjoying it. Question is why is it a Social Media Insult. Answer, KIBALUMA because my “prostitution gets me to heights that they can only dream of.

  1. Madness: Very true because madness is defined as being different, extraordinary, not conforming to the norm societal expectations. Firstly, I have always been an extra ordinary person from birth with very special gifts. I am sure those of you who have prayed with me from different settings, Kanungu, Acholi, Pallisa, Iganga ss, Electoral Commission among others have noticed that I have an enhanced ability to pray for rain and it will rain instantly.

In my world its called being blessed and of course in the haters madness. Either way I take it. But why is it an insult. Again KIBALUMA. My madness has taken me to heights they will never reach. They keep repeating themselves “Kyalya is not presidential material” did Kigundu disqualify me from the race? Are you the ones to decide so or the laws of Uganda.

  1. Job Seeker: Again very true. That is why I never stop studying. I have a law degree, masters in management, currently accomplishing 2nd masters in Social Work, as well as a doctorate in Criminal justice. I can be employed in Court, given a very high rank in police, become a lecturer and a minister as well as President of any callibre and status.

Why an Insult again KIBALUMA. I am one of the very few Ugandans who have combined intensive education with intensive national and international work experience. If we go into a competition, even their gods and goddesses will flank. Hence Nuugu.

In summary I have not read any abuse that is productive and I should learn from such as inability to communicate, read or write English, lack of education credentials, etc. Its is all simply sour grapes.

Good luck my haters, abuser and sadists, I hope abusing me will make you graduate as doctors is abusology so as to be at the same rank with me and get chance to be employed and paid by M7. Enjoy your dedication.

Maureen Faith Kyalya was Uganda’s presidential candidate in the February 2016 elections

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