Kyaligonza likens Rwabwogo to a small puppy



Ruling NRM party historical, Matayo Kyaligonza, is not about to let a “poorly bred small puppy” bite him in the struggle for NRM deputy chairperson for Western Uganda.

The Major General was yesterday appearing on NBS TV Morning Breeze to speak on the battle for the western seat for which he is being challenged by President Yoweri Museveni’s son in-law, Odrek Rwabwogo.

When asked why the President Museveni been slow to react or comment on Odrek vying for his position, Kyaligonza said it was not right to involve the first family in the matter.

“It’s not correct for us to involve the first family on the issue of me and Rwabwogo.‪”

Rwabwogo is challenging Kyaligonza who he accuses of going against the principles upon which the NRM party was founded.

Morrison Rwakakamba, NRM Card holding Member, Nyamubogore Village, Nyeibingo Parish, Kebisoni Sub County, Rukungiri District said recently that: “…Rwabwogo to appear to recreate or tweak NRM ideology with brazen talk of how issues and generation has evolved is pure subterfuge, diversionary and pretentious.”

Kyaligonza too says he would love to debate NRM ideologies with Odrek Rwabwogo.

The war hero says although politics is about winning and losing, it has to be a fair process.‪

“A small puppy that is not well bred can grow up to bite you,” he used a Runyankole proverb to illustrate his point.

“I don’t fear Odrek Rwabwogo, why would I fear a man with a pen yet I didn’t fear men with guns?‪”

Kyaligonza advised Rwabwogo to go and stand as LC1 chairperson but not chairman NRM Central Executive Committee.

“Rwabwogo should concentrate on his farm and businesses so that he develops the country.”

As for his being old, Kyaligonza in a telephone interview on CBS radio’s feature programme “the way I see it,” recently, asked Rwabwogo to start with his father in-law if he wants all historicals out of the system.

“Youths shouldn’t think that they will start with wanting to be president. Let them start at the LC-I then we see how they behave. But when you say that the old guard are “bazeeyi” [old] and they don’t know what they are saying then we shall have problems,” he is further quoted as saying.

Kyaligonza made it clear that they [historicals] “don’t want familiarity because when we came [into power] we didn’t disrespect people”.

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