Kiggundu: Opposition loves me when it wins  


Electoral Commission chairman Badru Kiggundu


Electoral Commission chairman, Dr Badru Kiggundu, has promised that elections in 2016 will be free and fair no matter the circumstances.

“I have been a very humble servant with very good shock absorbers,” he said while appearing on NBS TV Morning Breeze.

“2016 will be a year for improved free and fair elections given the improved development in place.”

Last week, while launching “Electoral Reforms Now”, a new pressure group aimed at forcing government to accept electoral reforms proposals, former FDC President, Kizza Besigye, and Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, accused Kiggundu of frustrating the process and continuing to hold unfair elections.

The alleged that as far as elections are concerned, Kiggundu has now become a “criminal”.

Kiggundu, in response clarified that he will not “lose blood over Electoral Reforms” which are being pushed by opposition members.

“The opposition loves me at some time, when they win, and hates me at some time, when they lose,” Kiggundu said.

“I am a very optimistic person and whenever the reforms come, we will know where to fit them.”

He said there is a higher voter turnout than any other country and “I am very firm about what we have done in the electoral commission and I am very firm about what we are doing”.

Before national elections, Kiggundu continued, everyone who registered and has been verified will have their national ID.

“It is clear that data from the national ID registration has been used to compile the national voters’ register.”

He emphasized that in the end, elections will be free and fair, come rain come sunshine.

Ex-Buganda Premier says the constitution favours the regime

On the other hand, Owek. Dan Muliika, a former Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom says the current constitution is not a people’s constitution but a regime constitution.

“People in our country have forgotten the history our yet it is history that makes one forge a way forward,” Muliika said appearing on the same show.

He added: “The Constitution has just been designed for president Museveni to internationally project that there is democracy in Uganda, which is not there.”

He said Ugandans should blame Milton Obote who overthrew the constitution and replaced it with the pigeon one which concentrated powers into the hands of the president.

To him, the only solution to Ugandans political problem is Ugandans to come back in a convention and demand for their rights.

“As soon as President Museveni’s term ends in February 2016, he becomes a commoner like us as we put an interim government.”

“We should have an executive which has collective responsibility and not one that serves the interest of the president.”

Muliika says the constitution that gives people power has failed and there is need for a new one.

He said every system in the country at the moment is wrong in this country and “we need to put things right”.

“Ballots cannot solve anything in this country with the clear example of the Erias Lukwago issue.”

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