Kiggundu has banned use of mobile phones at polling stations


Just when you think you have heard enough from Kiggundu, he strikes again.

It is as if this man spends days and nights cooking up ways to torment the masses, annoy the opposition and protect the vote rigging.

Not only have we seen him pass ridiculous contemptuous laws on the fly during this campaign period, and always of course aimed at knocking down opposition leaders Dr. Besigye and Amama Mbabazi, but he truly now thinks someone died he became god.

For one thing, the opposition leaders have been calling on their followers and vote protectors to use their mobile phones on the voting day to communicate to their coordinators about any irregularities they observe at the polls.  Banning them from using their phones defeats the whole purpose of transparency hence ensuring that irregularities will not be reported other than by hear say and then with no physical proof, the polls will go to the dogs.

Then there is the issue of journalists and reporters.  I had been under the impression that they now use their phones to communicate and transmit stories but I suppose they will now have to revert to old piece of paper and pen.  Although this could be banned too.  Learn to take mental notes dear friends.

The coordinators and mobilizers for their candidates at each polling station require phones to do this work.  So we will also have them cut off the communication grid?

The election observers – poor you.  We really do not want those BBC, VOA, Xinhua, CBC, CFIA, CFG, etc… knowing immediately of any irregularities.

On the other hand, give him some credit.  He apologized for the 20,000 extra ghost voters so banning your phones from the polling station is only collateral damage in this whole process.

Good luck Uganda!

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


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