KFM’s Chris Obore takes parliament job



Monitor Publications affiliated KFM Radio D’Mighty Breakfast Show host, Chris Obore, has secured a job at Ugandan parliament.

A source tells us Obore is now a director at the directorate of information at the legislative house.

We are told the position brings a new office with it which has been vacant for sometime.

Obore is an investigative journalist and former Daily Monitor political editor.

He also hosts the KFM Hard Talk, a political talk show on weekends.

Critics are already saying Obore is being rewarded by the ruling party for “fighting Amama Mbabazi”, a new president Yoweri Museveni political rival.

The last time we checked, Obore was saying: “I don’t know why I am suspicious that if President Museveni appears on the ballot paper and Mbabazi also appears on the ballot, Mbabazi will instead tick Museveni and forget himself.”

He went on:”While his family will tick Amama, the man himself will vote Museveni. When you have a good leader, which is a rare thing in Africa, you don’t let such a leader go just like that.”

The statement seems to clearly explain where Obore’s allegiance lies.

But Obore, 40, told The Observer Quick Talk, last year that he has political ambitions.

“The only ambition I have in politics is to shape behaviour of political actors. That is a value judgement and is subjective. But those who say that are afraid of the truth; the truth pierces.”

In his August 4, 2015 Facebook post, Obore says the efforts of a few committed opposition activists are being drowned by loads of those in opposition and civil society as a career.

“The level of blackmail within makes one wonder what happens when these chaps actually get to power. They are champions in blackmailing even their own activists.”

He says what’s worse is that most of them in senior positions including in the so called TDA are “tribalists” Masquaradering as prodemocracy forces.

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