Kenyans troll Kagame over boastful Twitter insult


In you remember the #SomeoneTellCNN hashtag that caught fire during US president, Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya, then check again and see what Kenyans are saying about the Rwandan president.

#SomeoneTellKagame hashtag started trending on Monday evening when Paul Kagame insulted a Kenyan tweep direct.

Kagame had tweeted welcoming the release of his spy, Emmanuel Karenzi Karake, a Lieutenant-General who is the Secretary General of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).

Kagame tweeted:  “Many thanks to the tireless legal team, friends and the unbreakable Rwandan spirit….!!!”

A Kenyan, Levi Kones (@levikones) tweeted Kagame, “I really hope sir, you will not ruin your legacy by being President for life.”

The response from Kagame’s account (@PaulKagame) was boastful, and arrogant as the word may mean: “Worry more about your own legacy… if you got any at all to think about!!”


He had messed with the wrong people-Kenyans, famous for their precision in creating Twitter hashtags.

They then descended on Kagame in journalist Kones’ defence, under the hashtag #SomeoneTellKagame.

Some of the responses:

Eric Kinaga ‏@Itskinaga Presidency isn’t to be confused with a Marriage institution. There’re timelines.

Kodo Jnr ‏@osodo_ken: If there is no oposition in Rwanda,why blame Kagame #SomeoneTellKagame

Batuz pisces ‏@drizzylowe : Enyewe #kot sometimes we should mind our own business. Rwandans voted for his third term. Who are we to say no #SomeoneTellKagame mark

anambo ‏@markanambo : As a member of team mafisi we will only accept an apology delivered by your daughter #SomeoneTellKagame

Rwandans tweeted back: @levikones don’t worry about our leader mind yours. His legacy is self-explanatory. For us #Rwandans is the Greatest.

But Kones personally apologised to Kagame saying he “may have spoken out of turn.”

Rwanda’s Kagame

News out of Rwanda this week is that only 10 Rwandans – in a country of 12 million, and 3.9 million registered voters – oppose President Paul Kagame’s third term bid, writes Mail & Guardian.

The country’s lawmakers began a national tour last month to gather public opinions after both houses of Parliament voted in support of a constitutional amendment to allow Kagame a third shot at the presidency.

Out of the “millions” of Rwandans consulted on the amendment, “only 10 were against the idea”, the New Times newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Even though 99.999% of Rwandans say they support his bid, replying to the tweet suggests that internally, Kagame may be wrestling with some deep cognitive dissonance, M&G suggests.

The constitutional manoeuvring fundamentally goes against the entire image that he has so carefully cultivated around himself over the years – as an uncompromising stickler for the rules, a man of his words, a “different” kind of African president who has little desire for the trappings of power.

Ugandan critic, Charles Rwomushana, says “the notion of term limits in constitutional instruments is meant to protect the ten sane from a huge mass of the insane.”

“Rwanda’s case is not different from Uganda’s. Rwanda witnessed mass murder unparalleled in recent history. This machine was alien to democracy and freedom of choice.”

So in Rwanda and Uganda you are not dealing with ground where freedom of choice is possible, writes Rwomushana, adding, in that tweeter message president Kagame is celebrating the British Court decision not to extradite his officer to stand trial in Spain over mass murder of Africans.

“It does not mean the Kagame machine was cleared of mass murder of Africans. President Kagame celebrates judicial decisions in his favour when he is himself alien to and an enemy of Justice.”

He continues: “You were all around to see how people celebrated in Goma over the rumours of the demise of president Kagame. The people of Rwanda and Uganda are spiritually paralyzed. They suffer from a broken spirit and will.”

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