Kenyans mock, Uhuru calls newspapers garbage


Uhuru “selling meat”


Kenyans did not waste time today but took to social media to mock their own President, Uhuru Kenyatta, who went out of his way to trash newspapers in the country as “garbage and nonsense”.

Kenyatta made the remarks on Sunday while speaking at Bomet Stadium accusing journalists of spreading lies against his government.

The Kenya Daily Post quotes Kenyatta claiming journalists were out to destroy the image of his Jubilee government as full of confusion and divisions.

“Hizo gazeti ni upuzi na takataka,” he said in reference to newspapers which he termed as “garbage and full of nonsense”.

“I read them but I never take them seriously,” the Kenyan leader said.

He said the only purpose such “useless pieces of paper” could serve was wrapping meat, perhaps.

Yet, it was Uhuru’s own People Daily Newspaper that that authored a Shs 28bn scandal featuring the deputy President, William Ruto, allegedly with the permission of State House.

Kenyans mock

On Twitter, Kenyans crafted memes of Uhuru selling meat and wrapping it in newspapers.

Some went too far as to dress the President in a shirt and pampers.


The mockery was running under the hashtag trend #GazetiNiYaKufungaNyama.

Journalists expressed outrage at the President for mocking a profession that puts food on their tables and cost them years in school.

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