Kenya may refuse to release police trucks to Uganda till payment is received


Reliable sources tell me that Kenya might not release the recently ordered police armoured vehicles (cement crashers as some have referred to them on social media) to Uganda until all duty and holding at the Mombasa port is paid.

This week we saw the media and many social media pundits talk about the new arrivals spotted on the shipping yard in Mombasa.

Generally, goods are ordered FOB (Free On Board) and the recipient is responsible for the freight, arrival at the port of destination, storage and custom clearance.  Then for the case of Uganda since we are land locked, the customer would arrange for the road transportation to Kampala where we can assume the armoured trucks would be heading.

Goods can also be ordered CIF (all expenses paid till the product is delivered to the customer).

You can learn about Incoterms (shipping) on this link:


Earlier today some of you may have seen an article where the Uganda Police Suppliers’ Association decided to freeze food suppliers to Uganda Police Force due to sh. 28 billion being owed to them since the 2011 elections.

Brace yourselves people.  This could get nasty.  If the information turns out to be true, then it would be prudent for the Museveni team to suspend handing out cash and pay the owing money to the food suppliers, get their new shipment from Mombasa into Uganda and then we have a peaceful election.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


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