Kaweesi: Police is popular, will handle opposition


Police mouthpiece Kaweesi

Police spokesperson Andrew Kaweesi has vowed not to allow opposition make Uganda a stateless country.

Appearing on “NBSFrontline” programme Thursday night, Kaweesi said Uganda is a functioning state governed by rule of law which that everyone has to respect.

“In 2011, Kizza Besigye came up with ‘Walk To Work’ in an attempt to inspire an Arab Spring like situation. That didn’t happen.”

He added: “This time, Besigye is determined to operate as if there are no systems and authority. This is a functioning state. Besigye is attempting to create a stateless country but we are saying NO. This will not happen.”

Kaweesi, when asked to ask Besigye one question, said: “Have you ever wondered why we occasionally let you to leave your house?”

Besigye replied: “Mr Kaweesi’s question is proof that this regime thinks rights are a privilege.”

Besigye in turn asked: “Afande Kaweesi, is the Uganda Police popular?”

Kaweesi replied: “I have full conviction that the police is a popular people’s force. Many want to join.”

Kaweesi said what matters now is that Besigye is back since he is physically here.

“It’s not the stamp that matters but the manifest. Immigration has all data of Besigye’s passport and they can always call him and stamp his passport.”

He denied the allegation that Civil Aviation Authority [CAA] was part of the operation to arrest Besigye at the airport.

“No law was flouted. Police deploys air marshals. We can make arrests on aircrafts. We wore the CAA jackets for identification but CAA didn’t even know about our operation.”

Initially, police got a note that Dr Besigye was returning on September 29th and agreed to provide security.

“The day came and we were ready but he didn’t turn up. It was later, through the media, that we learned he’d postponed. FDC didn’t not communicate to us about the new date Dr Besigye was arriving. There was no notification.”

Kaweesi said what they did on Monday was a preventive measure to ensure Besigye safely arrives home.

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