Kasese has paid back the regime for breach of trust

Kasese FDC Youth

You can mortgage anything including your subjects but not the people in this hilly side of this country.  Welcome back from the long hustle of all sorts of insults and abuses. Am sure most of you went through a whole lot of challenges during this election period that we have just concluded. The most important of it all is that Kasese sent a loud and clear voice to the powers that be that indeed it isn’t always Christmas.

Many may be wondering why the people of Kasese voted for the Forum for Democratic Change.  It was not business as usual for the NRM in Kasese.  Sweeping the entire parliamentary seats and the LCV and the majority of both the district and municipal councils shocked some people.

Basically they are people whose trust is easily won but the moment you mess up with them they can easily show you the exit as they did to the NRM in this recently concluded elections. It was a way of paying back the Kampala regime for breach of their trust.

What sets Kasese apart from other parts of this country is the fact that to them success is not measured depending on where they are coming from but rather it depends on where they ought to be. Whereas the rest of Ugandans are indeed hoodwinked into the steady progress slogans the people of Kasese were seeing and had indeed experienced steady problems.

Those few who are wondering as to how they do it in Kasese its simple, they know whatever happens and reaches them is as a matter of right not a regime favour.  You do not do the people of Kasese a favour by constructing a road because indeed they deserve that road as tax payers. So to them I consider a population that is highly informed about their rights and what it means to them.

As a matter of fact the People of Kasese have realised and gotten out of the hand-outs bondage and culture that still holds other parts of this country hostage. They deserve real developmental projects for all but not individual satisfaction orchestrated by the hand-outs regime. They have realised the fact that a good and functional health, education and road systems are key in their lives but not mere promises of cars and bicycles to certain people in the community.

To the rest of the country your mentality is going to keep you in captivity not only at national level but also in your individual homes. Kasese is a risk taker in so many life times, we get faced with a do or die situation and have always emerged winners.  Kasese and its people are aware of the fact that no western government is going to help us if we don’t get up and help ourselves.

The economy is going down the hill already and guess what, some people do not care. Its you and me who are going to suffer.

This week alone, two banks, Stanbic Bank Uganda and Equity Bank issued notices in the press notifying the public about the possible closure and mergers of some branches as well as relocation and phasing out of some customer service points. I will leave this to our economic experts to advise and tell Ugandans but to me it is a sign of dark and hard days ahead.

What is the fate of Kasese as of now. Mind you these peoples’ decision was their constitutional right no cause for alarm. Having decided to choose and move with the Forum for Democratic Change was a decision made out of trust. The people of Kasese trusted the FDC to deliver the change that they deserve. They must have read the Kamuli and Gulu districts success stories in the hands of the FDC Leadership.

These districts at local government level have in the past regime been ranked the best in the country when it comes to service delivery, it is only those who do not pay attention to detail or even move beyond certain confines that will not attest to this fact of good leadership of service above self manifested through the FDCs’  Hon. Saalam Musemba and Mr. Mapenduzi of Kamuli and Gulu districts respectively.

With the local government team headed by Counsel Sibendire Bigogo, am pretty sure that Kasese is going to shine. Having successfully pushed the NRM into opposition the district team is going to walk the talk.

For the Parliamentary team, I have full trust in the sons and daughter of our soils that indeed you are equal to the task and the people of Kasese and the entire Rwenzori is in safe hands. In you we look at better legislations being passed, we look at a high level of monitoring government performance for the betterment of our people, in your lobbying capacities we have hope and of course defending our cultural heritage goes without mentioning here.

It was not a protest vote but rather it was a price in return for breach of the peoples’ trust. As the saying goes you reap what you saw, indeed the NRM could not expect any better having sowed seeds of breach of trust. That was the right currency the people of Kasese had to use in return.

Success to our elected leaders in Kasese, we have our utmost support.  We shall walk with you to ensure that we build Kasese and the entire Rwenzori to the level that we want it to be. We are proud of you and we have full trust in you.

Sunday Apolo

Lawyer and Political Analyst

Face book: Prince Randy Kits

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