Karuranga: West slams Paris attacks, ignores Mali


The RPP condemnation of the Terrorist Attack on a Hotel in Bamako, Mali On my own behalf and that of my party, the Rwanda People’s Party (RPP), we wish to utterly condemn the terrorist attack on the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako Mali.

We wish to condemn the killings and the taking of innocent people as hostages.

We wish to offer our condolences to the Malian President, government and public and especially the families of the dead and hope for the speedy and full recovery of the injured.

On Friday 20th of November, ten gunmen stormed the Hotel and took hostages.

A Malian Minister of Internal Security, spokesperson, said the gunmen had burst through a security barrier at 7am, and began shooting indiscriminately.

Sporadic bursts of gunfire were heard as the terrorists went through the hotel, looking for hostages.

Many of those staying in the hotel were foreigners. At one stage some 150 guests and 23 staff were being held hostage by the terrorists.

The Malian special forces, with French and America support launched a rescue mission shortly afterwards.

After a gun battle the Malian Special Forces released the majority of the hostages unharmed. However, at least 19 hostages were killed, according to UN sources.

There are fears that there may be more bodies of hostages in the hotel. At present the hostage takers are holding out in the upper floor of the hotel and are shooting at the security forces.

The Jihadist group Al-Murabitoun has claimed that its members carried out the attack. They are affiliated to Al-Qaeda.

The RPP calls on the international community to come together to defeat the terrorists.

The international community needs to provide more assistance to Mali to help with the terrorist threat in the country.

The RPP is saddened by the apparent double standards in the western media and public’s response to the attacks in Mali and elsewhere in Africa.

The world rightly condemned the horrific attacks in Paris and was united in grief at the loss of innocent life.

However, the same response is not evident in the western government, media and public’s response to terrorist attacks in Africa.

There is a clear lack of interest in terrorist attacks in Africa. There is not the same response to loss of life at terrorist outrages in Africa such as the attack on the Malian capital and this week’s Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria. This is double standards.

All lives are equal and the loss of every life is a tragedy and it does not matter if they are from Paris or Bamako, their death should be treated the same.

It is only then that the world will be able to unite to defeat the menace of terrorism. Africans need to support each other in times of sadness and happiness.

Africans must be able to take care of African affairs, rather than hoping always to rely on outsiders for help and support especially during crises such as human disasters as in Burundi and the terrorist attacks in Mali.

Undoubtedly, many the western powers have no love for, or understanding of Africa and they all have their own agendas and selfish interests and are greedy for the wealth of the continent. All Africa must support Mali today in order to defeat terrorism.

This must continue if Africa is to make progress in the war on terror and to fulfil the continent’s potential and to avert the various political, economic and natural catastrophes that plague the Content and people and bring such misery and heartbreak.

The RPP once again wishes to extend our condolences to the Malian President. Government and people and we are praying for the injured.

We would like to think that the Bamako terrorist attack will result in people treating the victims the same no matter their race or nationality. May God bless Mali!

John V Karuranga, President Rwanda People’s Party (RPP) Twitter

@rppimvura Skype: John.Karuranga






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