Karuranga: Obama ignorant or hypocritical about Africa


Mr. Obama speaks at a joint news conference with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn

The Insider Uganda is serialising a critical paper by Mr John Karuranga, the President of the Rwanda People’s Party titled: “Opinions and Proposals on Rwandan Constitution Reform to Abolish Rwanda’s Presidential Term Limits”.

The paper will be published in four parts; the second part of the paper talks about freedom struggle and US President, Barack Obama’s criticism of African leaders for seeking more terms in office.

Part 2

Freedom of express and human rights having stated all these achievements. Rwanda still has a long way to go in terms of democratic practices and processes.

Given our past history Rwanda could still be prone to repeat its past history if it allows the rise of the politics of ethnic, racism, hate, sectarian and extremist ideology in our political system.

There is a need for boundaries and politics that can lead to the violence of the past cannot be tolerated in our country.

This is the case of European and North America countries. There is no place in Rwandan Society, for a Jihad John, no place for “Je sue Charlie, neither September 11 propaganda, no place for race and sex discrimination, no place for incitement of religious hatred nor any sort extremist views, in the name of Freedom of Speech and Association.

Equally, we believe in respect for victims of the genocide and freedom of speech must not be used to offend them. The RPP believes that the PK is not the main problem of Rwanda, rather it is Rwandans.

Everybody has a stake in what took place or is taking place in Rwanda. To believe that the PK is responsible for all the crimes perpetrated on our people and country has no merit.

This is shared by all Rwandans. It is hardly believable that they are Rwandans that want to judge others when they too do not want to be judged.

Some of them don’t want to take accountability for the most horrific crimes and atrocities they committed against our people.

Some of them are still condoning the impunity and murders of the past. Even if the opposition is opposed to the Paul Kagame, that doesn’t preclude justice been given to the victims of genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated against their fellow Rwandans.

Western Hypocrisy on Africa

I welcome the visit of President Obama to his native country Kenya and to the 63rd yearly meeting of African the Union in Ethiopia.

At the same time, the RPP was disappointed that President Obama speeches did not address the fundamental issues that affect Africa for the past 400 years.

These are unresolved issues related to 400 years of slavery and the rape of our women and girls and especially the issue of compensation. Other victims are being compensated; Jews were compensated for properties stolen by Europeans and Western banks.

The Mau Mau veterans in Kenya were compensated by the UK for crimes committed to them that included beatings, rape and castration.

The innocent victims of clerical sexual abuse in Europe and North America are compensated but nothing to Africa, yet we suffered the most gruesome brutality and abuses.

What about Africa that was exploited and raped for 400 years? President Obama avoided the issue of $60 billion annually looted from Africa by western governments and their multi-national corporations, issues of illicit trade, tax evasion and plundering of mineral resources, the question of writing-off of Africa debts, and renegotiating of the $21 billion a year in payments to service African debts.

Selfish African leaders impoverishing the continent  

The questions regarding Africa’s continued impoverished and the destruction of African industries, agriculture and employment through western imposed plans such as Privatisation and Globalizations.

It is quite difficult to measure and understand the callous and selfish actions of African leaders and the Educated Elite, in the joint criminal enterprises with foreign multinational corporations, to rob Africa of more than $60 billion per year, money that were intended to alleviate poverty, and improve the Continent’s social fabric (i.e. health care, education, communication infrastructures, agriculture etc), instead, they divert donated monies for their personal self-services to buy executive mansions in Europe and North America knowingly that they will never sleep-in with their families.

It is also hard to comprehend how they can bank these looted monies in the Western banks knowingly too well that they will not have access to these funds once there is a change of” Guard” in their native country.

Usually, the West supports violent change of “Guards” on the Continent as a strategy for diverting attention away from the Continent’s discontent at the western-multi-corporation joint-criminal enterprises with the “old Guard”. This is how they have controlled Africa psychologically and destroyed it mentally.

The catastrophic human trafficking, financial exploitation and sexual slavery where mainly African young women and girls who are exported to Europe and the Gulf region and where the majority of them have lost their lives to modern day slavers.

The questions of civil wars and the refugees’ crisis that sees people flocking to Europe as a result of the civil wars, often caused by western interference.

There is no doubt to believe, that the President, himself being a son of Africa, clearly understands the pain and tears wrapped up in the -400 years of slavery and colonisations, African dependency on foreign aid, and globalisation and their impact on Africa and its peoples. Colonialism has been replaced by neo-colonialism in form of globalisation.

And Africans are still being exploited by their old colonisers. Foreign aid is mistakenly seen as helping African but in fact it is part of a systematic exploitation of Africa and is keeping its people in a form of dependency and destitution.

Fellow Africans, let us sincerely and frankly admit to one another that; what separates us from the West, is that which also separates the slave from the master, the oppressor from the oppressed, that is nothing more or less than the fact that we are not economically liberated and therefore lack independence.

This is why we are regarded as inferior by the West. The reason for this is our continent’s ultimate dependence of foreign aid, which leaves us dependent upon foreigners and unable to achieve true economic liberation.

Obama either “ignorant or hypocritical” about Africa

This subject of African economic emancipation is what the RPP had expected to be the main issue in President Obama’s keynote speeches in Kenya and at the 63rd yearly meeting of African the Union in Ethiopia.

We challenge the West; if you really interested in helping developing Africa, we appeal to you to write of our debts, and compensate us for slavery and colonisations. We also call upon you to end the globalisation plan that is being imposed on Africa.

The RPP believes the latter are the chief obstacles to African social, economic and political development rather a removal of term limits.

The RPP believes the President Obama’s response that he doesn’t “know why African leaders seek extended term limits” as unnecessary.

We believe it was for public consumption and he is being dishonest. President Obama knows well that European leaders don’t have term limits.

Can he ask the same question to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel? Would someone dictate that to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron? Can anyone tell that to Francois Hollande of France?

Would any Western leader deliver the same speech delivered at the 63rd yearly meeting of African the Union in Ethiopia, to the gathering of the EU leaders at the EU Head Quarter in Brussels-Belgium or to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, France?

The Fundamental question here is: Why then on earth are African leaders are being told when they should leave office, yet none has asked their fellow European, Canadian and Australian leaders who have no term limits to do so?

It’s also quite intriguing to understand why some western leaders with no term limits would wish to direct their African counterparts to have term limits.

The hypocrisy of western powers is similar to that in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’?

“All Animal are Equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

West imposing term limits and journalists humiliating leaders

By imposing term limits on African leaders, the west are proclaiming that all presidential terms as equal, but some are more equal than others.

It is also the same question that contemptuous and arrogant western journalists pose to African leaders.

These journalists tend to embarrass African leaders by asking them when they will leave office, and yet they have never asked their own heads of states when they will leave office themselves.

The answer is simple and obvious. Africa is in receipt of foreign aid. It is this aid that had become the noose that is strangling our destiny. It is this aid that has restricted the African ability for the right to determine what is right or wrong for us.

These western and irresponsible journalists are trying to portray to the misguided and brainwashed Continent’s politicians, “Educated Elite” and the world that lifting a term limits is the main problem for Africa, rather than looking at the exploitation of Africa resources by western governments and their corporations.

Many of Africa’s politicians and Educated Elite don’t realise that whoever controls you economically, governs your livelihood.

The RPP believes that African leaders should be allowed to be voted in or out office like their counter European parts, on the grounds of their ability to perform or failures to deliver as in Europe and elsewhere.

To this extent, the RPP re-affirms its position that, a referendum or parliament voting is the only acceptable democratic resolution to resolve political and constitutional disputes whenever arises…[more proposals will be published in a subsequent article].

Mr John Karuranga, the author, is the President of the Rwanda People’s Party Twitter @rppimvura Skype: John.Karuranga


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