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The Insider Uganda is serialising a critical paper by Mr John Karuranga, the President of the Rwanda People’s Party titled: “Opinions and Proposals on Rwandan Constitution Reform to Abolish Rwanda’s Presidential Term Limits”.

The paper has four parts; the third of the paper talks about Rwanda’s economic emancipation and the question of African opposition that criticises without giving solution.

Part 3

The question of removing a presidential term limit in Rwanda or elsewhere on the Continent should be the subject of a democratic decision by the indigenous peoples rather than as a result of a foreign imposed decision.

Why Rwanda is in spotlight? The Rwandan recovery after being devastated genocide and its no-nonsense policy are sending cold shivers down the spines of Western political and business leaders and especially among aid workers (non-governmental organizations) and the so called western experts.

This is why they are working around the clock to stop President Paul Kagame’s policy of building or encouraging self-reliance in Africa.

A developed Africa means social and economic emancipation from western countries. The nongovernmental organizations had it in mind that Rwanda will become a failed state where Rwandans will remain in camps indefinitely as recipients of foreign aid and under their control.

In short these non-governmental organisations would impose a new form of colonialism on the people of Rwanda and to the rest of Africa.

Rwanda is housing tens of hundreds of thousands of refugees from neighbouring countries and beyond, despite the limited resources available to provide for refugees in Rwanda, the refugees have been integrated in the community and those still in camps, their rations have been replaced by hard cash to enable them to take control of their lives, rather than humiliating them with monthly rations and coupons of wheat flour, expired milk powders and biscuits from western countries.

Even, the 75000 Burundian refugees, who have recently entered the country, all have access to sanitation, health care, water and their children are now going to school.

Yet despite thousands of aid workers in DRC, Darfur, South Sudan, Somali refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya, Haiti IDP etc., and refugees there are kept in deployable conditions by aid workers, in a form of captivity for decades for their economic advantage.

The success of Rwanda’s policies towards refugees is apparent and clear to the world.

The Rwandan ability to foster global peace, in particular bringing sanity to the CAR and elsewhere is not recognized or praised by many, because they are people who don’t want peace and tranquility in those countries.

Rwanda’s revival from the ashes of a failed state to become once again a member of the community of civilized nation is also a threat to some members of the international community.

They fear that the successful stories of Rwanda would actually encourage other African countries to rethink their policies and become independent of western domination.

Rwanda is not aiming to become an African version of Singapore It is unhelpful that misinformed people are trying to compare Rwanda and Singapore, or Canada, UK and Scandinavian countries, knowing that these countries are not in receipt of foreign aid like Rwanda.

A country like Singapore has taken over 60 years to build its society and they are still building.

Turkey started its journey to economic independence since 1930s while the Scandinavian countries have had over 200 years of stable political and economic stability.

Though a country like Sweden was as poor as Rwanda is today in the 1960s. However, it has used its financial resources effectively to a point that Rwanda is well organized and provides efficient integrated services almost equal or even more efficiently than some developed countries.

For example, getting an ID in Sweden takes about four weeks while in Rwanda it takes less than two weeks to get the same Electronic Microchip Identity Card.

Registering a business in Sweden takes months, while in Rwanda takes less than 72 hours depending on the type of business.

I think these should be applauded by every member of the opposition regardless our political difference.

In terms of economic and social development Rwanda is not aiming to become an African version of Singapore, but Rwandans aims to build their beloved homeland so that it could follow the path of other economic powerful countries including Singapore in the next 30 years.

21 years after genocide and the misrule of Habyarimana, Rwandan economic and social liberation has made unimaginable progress.

Rwanda attracts more foreign investors than any country in the region. We, Rwandans can achieve our goals because we are focused.

We have been inspired by many countries like Singapore, Turkey, Taiwan, German, Japan, Vietnam etc. History, tells us that like Rwanda, some of these countries were resurrected from the ruin of civil wars and unimaginable horrors to become the nations they are today.

Rwanda is positioning itself in the years ahead, to be among the list of these countries. Rwanda cannot in one day, reach its destination, but it is certainly going in the right direction.

With regard to the economy’s prospect, The RPP believes Rwanda is aiming to work towards economic independence. Economic independence is the key to social and political transformation.

There can never be economic, social and political development on the basis of dependence on foreign aid.

Despite the restraints, Rwanda is working hard to achieve those goals.

The global markets have a high level of confidence in the country; Rwanda is the only country in Africa that is able to collateralize its debt on the international market and this is important if the country is to become economically independent.

Problems of Africa-politics

Africa has politicians and journalists and an educated elite etc. that tend to blindly follow foreigners.

Our politicians and educate elite prefer to rely upon foreigners rather than local sources that have witnessed the reality and therefore make the wrong decisions.

Some of these westernised elites may prefer calls for African leaders to go just because foreigners have said so. Some of these politicians have been in opposition all their lifetimes.

Some have been defeated in elections many times but have refused to acknowledge the reason they lost elections.

In a healthy democracy, when a party is defeated in general elections, the party leader takes a responsibility and resign from his leadership to allow a new leader to lead the party successfully in next general elections. This is not the case, in African democracy.

Instead of resigning from their posts, they call on their opponents and other African leaders to step down as a strategy to distract attention away from their own failures.

In fact some of these politicians are not so different from those they want executed or arrested by the ICC, and they are no better than those they condemn. In Africa we have also have politicians who tend to use foreign powers as a short cut to power.

We have Africans who believe that their opponents should be subjected to the disgraceful western ICC court.

In a healthy democracy, opposition parties and government should come together in matters of national interest.

They work together to safe guide the achievement of the party in power. This is not the case, in Africa.

Opposition parties tend to be only interested to criticize the government for the sake of it without offering a solution.

Some have even embarked on a mission to destroy the achievement of the pervious regimes or to foment violence against their own people.

Indeed, they even lobby their western masters to impose economic sanctions and blockades on their own people, so that they can claim to be the champion of defenders of their rights.

African politics is so greedy and dirty at every point that every party leader wants to be the head of state, even when his / her party has no grassroots or popular support.

African politicians have a narrow vision, that in order to make a contribution to your country and people, that you must be, head of state.

This is the tragedy of African politics. Despite the end of colonialism, Africa faces many problems.

There are still wars, corruption and disease. The countries of the Continent have problems with poverty and poor education systems.

Africa has poor communications and infrastructure. The continent remains the poorest and least developed.

Furthermore, the countries of Africa have still have not introduced equality for women and promoted those policies that allow women to develop economically and socially and to fully participate in society.

These problems remain because of the policies of western governments and corporations, which have exploited Africa, economically and politically.

Africans need to recognise that they need to become economically independent to enable them to develop their societies.

Africa suffered centuries of slavery and 100 years of colonial exploitation because we are very tolerant people.

African politicians and educated elite, by their tolerance has helped our enemies, for the colonizers have fully studied us psychologically and capitalized on our tolerance, which they take to be a weakness to destroy our destiny.

The huge problem we face is a form of mental slavery amongst millions of our African people who, because of their tolerance have accepted exploitation of Africa and Africans as a way of life and those who advance the interests of the western neo-colonialism.

Africans are more tolerant than other nations and westerners and others use it to keep exploiting us. However, having said that, a sense of insecurity and lack of confidence to stand for our rights, have made us the co-authors of our own destruction.

Because of this, we are also partly responsible for our Continent’s unabated miseries.

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