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Today, we come to end of a critical paper by Mr John Karuranga, the President of the Rwanda People’s Party titled: “Opinions and Proposals on Rwandan Constitution Reform to Abolish Rwanda’s Presidential Term Limits”.

The paper has four parts; the last part of the paper about economic exploitation of Africa and offers solutions to the problem of foreign aid.

Part 4

Africa has also been subjected to negative publicity as a way of distracting its people from the destruction and looting of African by western governments and their corporations.

For Africa is portrayed as a corrupt and impoverished, where people are dying hunger, HIV, Ebola etc.

Yet “Marburg (Ebola) virus was first described in 1967. It was noticed during small outbreaks in the German cities Marburg and Frankfurt, the Yugoslav capital Belgrade in the 1960s”.

During these outbreaks, 31 people became infected and seven of them died in Germany. All the negative reporting in the western media are aimed at justifying the brutality of exploitation perpetrated on Africa.

African has consented to the negative portrayals. Our leaders are turning a blind eye to Africa being exploited by the old colonizers to secure economic aid.

Globalizations for multinationals allows them to take over African national industries and to control our economies thus destroying the remaining few African industries.

This is a form of slavery and colonisation because; he who controls the economy controls your destiny.

The RPP believes that the western powers by trying to impose a term limit on Africa’s presidents they are imposing another doomed model on Africa.

In a way similar to the infamous Privatisation and Globalisation models that have kept Africans in abject poverty and left African societies in a near state of collapse.

Africa must reject this and create its own political models. Africa doesn’t need more puppet leaders.

Africa needs economic liberation for its children’s future. There can never be a truly free and sovereign African state without economic Independence.

Any sovereign nation premised on the foundation of foreign aid is doomed to failure and make its people miserably.

Indeed, the RPP can compare such a nation to a man or woman claiming the legitimate rights of ownership on married man/woman.

In the long term, they are both doomed to suffer psychotic stress, disorders and others syndromes. This is what Africa has been enduring since our independence.

The Continent hasn’t been only plundered economically, but it has also been plundered of its human talent.

Africa tops the list of all popular sports (football and Athletics). But our talented men and women are only entertaining the West. With no hope that the Continent will be allowed to host these games so that the Continent could display its talented daughters and sons.

This is not possible because of poverty. This can be evidenced when Kenya with its limited resources dominated the 15th IAAF Word Championships – Beijing 2015, even though the Kenyan’s victory was abruptly overturned by Donald Trump the US Presidential candidate in favour of his country.

The main African problems are: foreign imposed democracy without due regards to African culture and society. Privatisation – that resulted in the selling of African industries to foreign companies, as a result many African people were made unemployed.

Western imposed globalisation- that destroyed African manufacturing, agriculture, and local employment in favour of multinational corporations. Foreign aid has corrupted the minds and souls of our leaders to become dependent on western foreign aid.

The consequences of exploitations

53 years after it was founded the AU formerly (OAU) dreams are in tatters. The AU has turned its headquarters into a social meeting place, where African heads of states would meet regularly for group photographs after passing resolutions that will never be implemented because of lack of money and political will.

The African ‘Excellencies’ have failed to resolve internal conflicts within the “Continent”. They looked on, during the Rwandan genocide against Tutsi, the destruction of Somalia, and failed bids to end civil wars in West and North Africa.

But more shockingly they idly watched when a true son of Africa Muammar Ghadaffi was cowardly and callously surrounded by heartless Vultures and Hyenas that eventually tore, his already terrified body into pieces.

The AU failure to save Ghaddaffi’s life and prevent Libya from turning into a vast grave yard was a direct result of their dependency on foreign aid.

The AU has been established for 53 years and the dreams of a united Africa remain unfulfilled. This is not possible when the AU members’ states are stilling battling with the legacy of colonialism and issues like poverty and underdevelopment.

Meanwhile many of the Muslim and Arab nations in the North do not consider themselves African and are ignoring their native Africans populations and the rest of the Continent.

The world system is in crisis. This was only to be expected as it was an unjust and unfair system.

We can see this in the growing conflicts around the world and especially with the rise of Jihadist. The only hope left is to give people the opportunities to develop economically, socially and spiritually.

This will ensure that despair does not result in the victory of the fanatics and war becomes the norm around the world.

The impact of Foreign Aid According the Guardian Jul 15, 2014, the western countries are using aid to Africa to hide the “sustained looting” of the continent as it loses nearly $60bn a year through tax evasion, and repatriation of profits.

Today, they are taking more out of the continent under the old colonial system! Between $1.2 trillion and $1.4 trillion has left Africa in illicit financial flows between 1980 and 2009— roughly equal to Africa’s current GDP and greater than the aid it receives from its western ‘benefactors’.

Although sub-Saharan Africa receives $134bn each year in loans, foreign investment and development aid suggests that $192bn leaves the region, leaving a $58bn deficit and this means that there is less to spend on African development.

Western countries send about $30bn in development aid to Africa, every year; more than six times that amount leaves the continent.

In deed “Africa is haemorrhaging billions of dollars because multinational companies are cheating African governments out of vital revenues by not paying their fair share in taxes.

If this tax revenue were invested in education and healthcare, societies and economies would further flourish across the continent.

“Illicit money outflows are draining Africa’s domestic resources, depriving it of crucial investment funds’’, according to Winnie Byanyima, Head of Oxfam International Executive Director.

Globalisation takes away African nations freedom. They are no longer in control of their economy and can’t develop and are often under the control of banks, corporations and foreign western governments. Globalisation is turning into a new form of neo-colonisation.

That is because it is once again making Africans dependent upon foreigners for their goods and livelihoods. The problems of Africa are a direct result of its abject poverty, which is caused by corrupt western corporations, forced privatization and globalization.

African problems have nothing to do with presidential term limits. The question of the removal of presidential terms limit is distracting Africans attention away from the real issues such as poverty, war, corruption and disease that are afflicting Africa as a whole.


The western media and those who follow slavishly its views and reports believe that the extension of presidential terms is the greatest challenge facing the Continent.

It is an issue that has been fabricated by the western, especially western media. Africa’s opposition politicians and educated elite have foolishly followed the western media.

They are out of touch with the demand of ordinary Africans and the reality. In truth the real problems facing the Continent is poverty, disease, corruption and war.

These are often the direct result of the interference and systematic exploitation of African countries by western nations. Globalisation is also making many Africans poorer and leading to a lack of development. Indeed the process of globalisation could be said to be a new form system of exploitation.

The RPP recognises that the issue of presidential life terms is important and it should be discussed in a democratic and responsible way but it should not distract us from facing up to Africa’s main challenges, which are many and serious.

However, it should not be placed at the top of the political agenda. There are more important things for Africans.

The RPP believes that African politicians and its educated elites are largely responsible for the continued miseries of our continent, as a result of our lack of self-esteem and the self-confidence, needed to stand on our feet in defence of the legitimate rights of Africa.

Africa needs to work together to alleviate the sufferings of Africans who are suffering because of poverty, wars and injustice.

The RPP believes the only hope left is to give the people the opportunities to develop economically, socially, culturally and spiritually. This will ensure that despair does not result in a world that is torn apart by senseless wars.

My Fellow Africans, let me conclude by urging us to see clearly that which keeps us poor and dependent is nothing less or more than the fact that we are not economically free even though the colonizers are gone.

There can never be a truly free and Page 8 sovereign African state without economic Independence. Any sovereign nation dependent on foreign aid is doomed to failure miserably and will never fully develop.

Africa needs Economic Liberation not Economic Aid.

Thank you!

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John V Karuranga, President Rwanda People’s Party Twitter @rppimvura Skype: John.Karuranga

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