Kanyeihamba: Uganda will never achieve middle-income status in Museveni lifetime

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Retired Supreme Court judge Prof. George Kanyeihamba Uganda will never achieve middle-income status in the lifetime of President Museveni.

Kanyeihamba premised his assertion on the newly released cabinet list.

He described Museveni’s 2016 Cabinet as a non-performing Cabinet.

He said the western region got the lion’s share.

Buganda, the biggest region, is the least rewarded.

Prof Kanyeihamba says such is the lopsided representation of the regions that Cabinet can conduct business in English and Runya-Kitara alone.

“I scathingly criticize those who advise President Museveni. When I was justice minister, I advised, and he listened,” the professor said while appearing on NBS TV Tuesday.

“Unless our new ministers strongly stand their ground before the president, we are not going anywhere.

Kanyeihamba further described Museveni’s Cabinet as one that will rubberstamp what President Museveni wants.

“I predict that the new Cabinet will not deliver”.

He said President Museveni doesn’t walk his talk.

He vowed to fight corruption but that remains to be seen, the professor pointed out.

Museveni, during his swearing in ceremony back in May, said he would take Uganda to a middle-income status in the next five years.

The president promised to fight corruption in the public service and increase work efficiency.

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