Kamya political games shock Besigye

Minister for Kampala Beti Kamya in her office

The political conduct of Uganda Federal Alliance party president Beti Kamya continues to shock opposition leader Kizza Besigye.

Kamya was an official in the political pressure group Reform, Agenda, the precursor of the FDC political party, served as the special envoy of Besigye and MP for Lubaga North Constituency on the FDC ticket.

In 2007, Kamya wrote an article in Daily Monitor revealing that President Yoweri Museveni never means a word he says unless it benefits his plans, which are usually in conflict with the constitutional rights of individuals, the rule of law, constitutionalism and universally accepted norms of honesty.

Kamya who was reacting to the president’s State of the Nation Address further wrote: “President Museveni promised that 2001/6 would be his last term in office, but went on to change the Constitution to have unlimited terms. At the beginning of his rule, he promised Ugandans a fundamental change, we are still waiting. Shouldn’t the fundamental change have manifested itself in 1990, when we should have had elections, since YKM had promised in 1986, that he would require only four years to refocus Uganda on the democratisation course, then organise elections?”

Addressing Ugandans in diaspora at a London meeting last Saturday, Besigye said the same Kamya who was famed for fighting against the abuse of rule of law had changed quite drastically.

“I was poking my friend Betty Kamya. She has fought all these years that the main problem is concentrating the power in one person,” he noted, adding, “When I saw her putting on the UPDF uniform, I was intrigued.”

Kamya donned the army uniform during the recent cabinet retreat held at Kyankwanzi national leadership institute where she represented her docket as Kampala minister.

Before the donning of the army uniform hullabaloo could settle down, Kamya on Wednesday proclaimed her full support for President Museveni  pledging to work harder so he wins the 2021 presidential elections.

Kamya said she will ensure that he wins with more than 80 percent in the capital Kampala, a strong hold for the opposition.

“Your excellency, I will campaign for you and deliver all the Kampala votes in the 2021 elections,” said Kamya, who in the past was known for criticising Museveni’s continued stay in office and abuse of presidential powers.

Her pledge comes at a time Members of Parliament are accusing each other of taking 50kg bags of sugar and Shs1m bribes to pass the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2016 that will scrap the presidential age limit [75 years].

Besigye, on the other hand, says its time to formally restructure the constitution and remodel the state institutions so that they reflect the will of the people instead of serving individuals.

“Amongst the cardinal elements is having free and fair elections. People need to organise themselves in their own respective parties,” Besigye told Ugandans in London.

He said a nonpartisan struggle was crystallizing so Uganda can have a people’s cabinet—a nonpartisan cabinet.

“This time they did not steal the election it was a straight forward coup. And if we all pull together the regime of Museveni is finished. Even before we push the economy is finished. Museveni has been reckless on regime survival. In every village, there is a VISO: village intelligent security officer.”

Besigye said Kampala now has two ministers, a city mayor, a Resident City Commissioner [RCC] and five deputies.

“All are eating alot of money. This is a crisis of the dictatorship. He has been doing this knowing that it is dangerous. He knows this…he was hoping that he was going to get money for oil. Unfortunately, for him it has remained in the ground when he is about reach it goes the other way.”

Besigye said if the population remained defiant, the dictatorship can collapse any time.

“As Winnie Byanyima [his wife] told you, some of us are not going to relax, we are going to push without any hesitation. The danger has been that when the leaders are all not moving with the same kind of zeal, assertiveness, it exposes those who are. They are seen as the problem of the dictatorship. That is why it is important that in this final phase all of us should stand up.”

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