Kampala High Court finds Issa Ahmed Luyima guilty of terrorism

Kampala bombing

Justice Owiny Dollo has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to support a guilty finding of Ahmed Luyima in the 2010 twin bomb blasts in Kampala.

Justice Dollo finds Luyima guilty saying he was the master mind behind the July 2010 bomb attacks.

Luyima had made a confession shortly after the bombings and this was used as part of the evidence for today’s guilty verdict.

Not only his confession but the court also found corroborating evidence and had key prosecution witnesses to support the verdict.

Luyima apparently went and trained in Somalia and returned to Uganda to look for targets.

He becomes the first one of the 12 suspects to be convicted.

According to court, Luyima went to Somalia and trained with Al Shabaab for 6 months.  Court also says the attacks were planned in Somalia and the bombs were smuggled via Kenya.

Luyima had told the court in July 2015 that his confession had been extracted out of him through torture but data from his phone shows him making calls to Somalian numbers on the same day the twin bomb attacks took place.

Not only that but while Luyima lived in Mombasa Kenya, he sent money to Uganda which was traced by him.  He was also using the name of Moses according to his neighbours in Namasuba.

Apparently Luyima traveled to Uganda on May 9, 2010 via Malaba border and stayed in Niagara Hotel.  DNA testing placed him at this hotel on that same day.

He has been found guilty of terrorism and 76 counts of murder.

July 2010 attacks alleged mastermind Luyima entered Uganda on May 9, 2010 through Malaba. Judge Owiny Dollo cites submission of a handwriting expert whose analysis places Luyima at a hotel in Uganda (Niagara Hotel constantly located along Entebbe Rd) on May 9, 2010. DNA evidence also places Luyima there.

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