Kadaga audio: We’re tired of Banyankole using us for 30 years


Kadaga, First Lady Janet Kataaha and President Yoweri Museveni


Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, the first female Speaker in the history of the Parliament in Uganda, says she is now tired of being used by Banyankole and Banyarwanda who have dominated Ugandans politics for 30 years.

Kadaga was recorded addressing her constituents in Lusoga, bitterly attacking Banyankole and Banyarwanda who have made Uganda an oligarchy.

The audio is still making rounds on social media WhatsApp.

‘”It is absurd that the Basoga are the vehicles used by the Banyankole and Banyarwanda to come and fight against fellow Basoga,” the enraged Kadaga states.

She said many meetings were held in Kamuli district by Banyankole sabotuers to uproot her.

She cited the case of former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi saying he had never gone to Kamuli during the day but stormed the district under the cover of the night “to arrange people who will stand against me”.

“He (Mbabazi) is from Kanungu or Burundi or Ugandan, am not sure,” furious Kadaga continues.

“But he comes in the night. They don’t come during day time,” said the current Member of Parliament (MP) for the Kamuli District Women’s Constituency, Busoga sub-region, a position she has served in since 1989.

“I don’t care someone standing against for me am strong,” Kadaga emphasised, clarifying, “So get to know we are fighting for the rights of Busoga for peace.”

She said her enemies were putting pickups in all sub counties to collect their people to take them to lodges of Kyemba gardens where meetings were held “in lodges not in houses”.

Kadaga further alleged that the other money used to fight her was a sponsorship from gays aimed at fighting her.

With her out of parliament, she argued, her opponents who would have gone through would easily accept gays “so they have put in money for that reason I have told you”.

“Busoga issues are not for Banyarwanda but we are accepting to be undermined,” she said wondering “but can you go to Kanungu and say ‘that don’t vote for Mbabazi?’”

“Where can you speak it from?” she paused, adding, “they kill you.”

“Can you say it in Kazo that don’t vote for Sam Kutesa that am representing John Nasasira?”

Kadaga was shocked that Basoga still open their houses to “these people”.

“These people have used us for 30 years and it is enough,” one of Uganda’s phenomenal women emphasised.

Kadaga said the realities of the inner circle, when discovered, confirmed that Uganda was being run as a private enterprise.

As to whether the government will take action on Kadaga for promoting sectarianism, is another matter.

Recently, Museveni threatened WhatsApp users with arrest following a conversation by two people in western Uganda who were abusing each other in Runyankole and Rukiga.


Kadaga-Mbabazi stand off 

As early 2013, Kadaga and Mbabazi had accumulated enough hatred not to stand each other even in public.

The Observer ran a story indicating that Mbabazi had used a Cabinet meeting that was held on August 7, 2013 after the passage of the Public Order Management Bill to label Kadaga as an opposition sympathiser.

Mbabazi, then Prime Minister, also reportedly instituted a committee to investigate Kadaga’s conduct.

The rift kept widening by the day until late 2014 when Mbabazi was finally sacked as Prime Minister.

Kadaga was among the NRM Team-No-Sleep that mobilised delegates to overthrow him at Namboole in December 2014.


Kadaga and Mbabazi


After his ouster as NRM Secretary General, Kadaga went on TV and trashed Mbabazi saying the NRM Secretariat headquarters rotted away in Mbabazi’s reign.

She said Mbabazi was not supposed to be a Prime Minister in the first place.

“I said this man is not supposed to be a Prime Minister, he is supposed to be seated at Kyadondo. This was against the NEC resolutions in September 2010,” she clarified.

She said that while carrying out the PM’s duties, Mbabazi abandoned Kyadondo Road party headquarters and left the structures to rot.

About Kadaga

Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga is a lawyer and politician who has been Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda since 19 May 2011.

She succeeded Edward Ssekandi, who served as Speaker from 2001 to 2011.

She was born in Kamuli District, Eastern Uganda, on 24 May 1956.

Kadaga attended Namasagali College for her high school education.

She studied law at Makerere University, graduating with the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LLB), in 1978. She went on to obtain a Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Center in Kampala in 1979.

In 2000, she obtained a Diploma in Women’s Law from the University of Zimbabwe.

In 2003, she obtained the degree of Master of Arts (MA), specialising in Women’s Law, also from the University of Zimbabwe.

Work experience

Between 1984 and 1988, she was in private law practice.

From 1989 until 1996, she served as the Member of Parliament for Kamuli District in the District Woman’s Constituency.

She served as the Chairperson of the University Council for Mbarara University, between 1993 and 1996.

During 1996, she served as Secretary General of the East African Women Parliamentarians Association.

From 1996 until 1998, Rebecca Kadaga was the Ugandan Minister of State for Regional Cooperation (Africa and the Middle East).

She then served as Minister of State for Communication and Aviation from 1998 until 1999.

Between 1999 and 2000 she was the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs.

She was elected Deputy Speaker of Parliament in 2001, a position that she held until 19 May 2011, when she was elected Speaker of Parliament.

Kadaga gained international repute not only as Speaker but for having passed the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill through parliament by December 2012.


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