K3NT & KAT3 movie premieres this September at Cinema Magic


A new Ugandan film K3NT & KAT3 is set to premiere this September at Cinema Magic “3D Cinema” in Metroplex Mall, Naalya.

Jayant Maru, the director, told Insider the movie is slated for a Red Carpet extravaganza premiere on Saturday 10th September 2016 at the prestigious Cinema Magic.

“There will be a red carpet and cocktail at 5:30pm. Then the movie will start at 7:50pm,” Maru said.

Tickets will be available for viewers at Shs50,000 [Gold] and Shs25,000 [Silver].

Maru explained that the film will later on open to the BOX OFFICE over the next weekend from Friday 16th September to Sunday 18th September at Cinema Magic 3D Cinema in Metroplex Mall, Naalya at a ticket price of Shs14,000.


Kent is an 8-year-old student in Uganda. He is very interested in things such as colours and fish, and he loves playing his toy piano at home. The other kids tease Kent because he is so unique.

He lacks motor coordination skills and cannot even catch a ball coming at him from a distance. When the other kids are playing soccer, Kent is daydreaming about the colours of the grass, the trees and the sky.

Kent also struggles at school. Last year, he was held back a grade because he failed miserably in his tests and exams. Both his parents work full time, and his mother feels that the father is more concerned with promotion at work than his son. Kent doesn’t like the arguments at home that involve his welfare.

Kent’s best friend is Kate. She is an orphan who blindly believes in Kent and his ability to excel, not only in school but in life.

When Kent’s parents are warned by the Principal that if Kent’s grades don’t improve, he will be kicked out of school, it is reported that Kent and Kate are missing. They went on a grand adventure to return the biology class fish to a lake outside the city.

With Kent’s parents and the Principal searching desperately for Kent and Kate, a Math Teacher diagnoses Kent’s tests as coming from a boy who is Dyslexic. After Kent and Kate are found safe, and he starts tutoring to correct his neurological disorder, the Math Teacher witnesses Kent playing the piano with wonderful skill.

Kent goes from the verge of expulsion to being one of the most celebrated students in the school for his talents. The Adventures of K3NT & KAT3 is an inspirational journey of the power of friendship.

Cast and Crewutfuyfiuyg

Kent is played by Zane .A. Tumwebaze while Kate is played by Royal Kaitesi.

The movie also boosts of “big names” in the industry like; Diana Kahunde (Former Hostel Series Actress), Albert .B. Kaniora (Current Actor on the Deception Series on NTV) and Cate Ayela (Uganda’s Top Fashion Blogger), among others.

A about the Director

Jayant Maru created an East African sensation in 2013 with his debut film THE ROUTE (2013), a story based against the backdrop of the brutal Human Trafficking Industry in Uganda.

Jayant Maru loves his work as a filmmaker but more a filmmaker with a purpose.

He tends to work on films that have a social message or a Human Rights activism theme attached to a particular project and his passion to advocate for Human Rights led to a nomination from the US Embassy in Uganda to participate in an initiative by the US State Department the International Visitor Leadership Programme 2014 on Human Rights.

Between 2013 to present, the film has earned him a number of accolades:

THE ROUTE Nominated for the Best Feature Film in Uganda’s Film Festival 2013.

In 2015, he ventured into producing his second feature film “K3NT & KAT3” a heartfelt story of a young boy with a neurological disorder Dyslexia.

It will begin its festival rounds across the world from September 2015.

K3NT & KAT3 Nominated for best Feature Film at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival 2015, Nominated for Best Feature Film Arusha African Film Festival 2015 and Nominated for Best Feature Film 8TH cms International Childrens Film Festival in India 2016.

His third and upcoming feature film for 2017 will be “SIPI” starring Olympian Stephen Kiprotich and Miss Uganda 2014 Kalanguka Leah.

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