Juliana, Ntale, Kenzo, APass linked to illuminati




Ugandan musicians who support “Ambition Mission in Uganda”, a youth group aimed at helping other youth realise their goals in life, have also come under attack.

The said musicians are; Eddy Kenzo, Irene Ntale, Mun.G and Juliana Kanyomozi.

“There is no better feeling than knowing that I am appreciated. That’s what inspires me to keep going every day. Thankful. I am Ambition, Sili Taaba,” wrote diva Juliana.



“Man life is all about struggles and hassling. On top of that, haters and doubters try to make it hard to progress and even try to take down things like ambition mission that are helping us follow our dreams that is why I’m proud to rill with Ambition Mission. So, if you are Ambition Mission like me, then send this to 20 buddiez, even the elders and let us keep our dreams alive!” wrote Kenzo.



After the group was accused of recruiting gays and illuminati, Irene, APass and Kenzo denied ever being devil worshippers.

Singers deny

The allegations against Kenzo came after he won the prestigious BET award in the US.

He has since denied the accusation.

APass too challenged those accusing him whether they even know the meaning of the word.


A Pass

“Do your research and come up with analysis. But if you just wake up and say A Pass sold his soul to the Devil, You may as well tell me when the devil got a bank account and which bank represents him?”

He added: “Why do you use evil to justify someone my success ? I would like to know everyone’s opinion on the illuminati in the music business and even in church.”

Ntale on the other hand even put a Shs 5m prize for anyone who can prove she is illuminati.



“Prove all these allegations and win 5m! Stop misleading people. My tattoos are mine alone. So everyone that has a tattoo is illuminati. Can you even tell me what illuminati is?” Ntale challenged.

Back in 2013, Ugandans were busy accusing singer Jose Chameleone for being an illuminati representative in Africa.

There was no evidence to prove the claim.

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