Join Mbabazi or be overthrown- Lukyamuzi told



Semusu Mugobansonga, the Secretary General Conservative Party, has given the party president, Ken Lukyamuzi, only two weeks to join Amama Mbabazi or be overthrown.

Semusu made the threat while speaking at Amama’s rally in Mukono town on Tuesday.

Lukyamuzi since the days of The Democratic Alliance was opposed to Amama saying his Go Forward pressure group has no structures.

“He has an amorphous group [Go Forward Pro Change],” Lukyamuzi told press, adding, “we don’t know who vetted him to lead that group.”

Lukyamuzi backed FDC’s Kizza Besigye against Amama yet some CP members including the party SG Semusu said they were behind the former Prime Minister.

CP members were also seen at Mbabazi’s maiden rally held at Nakivubo stadium on the day he was nominated as a presidential candidate.

The next day, Lukyamuzi spoke at the same venue backing Besigye and denouncing CP members who dared support Mbabazi.

Speaking in Mukono, Semusu gave Lukyamuzi ‘The Man’ only two weeks to make up his mind.


Semusu Mugobansonga, the Secretary General Conservative Party

“You [Lukyamuzi] have two weeks to join Go Forward lest you are no longer party president,” Semusu threatened.

“The Man” is yet to respond to this threat.

Speaking at the same event, DP’s Medard Segona said Mbabazi “has been the brain; he is the man who can beat President Museveni at the vote. He will also return Ebyaffe.”

Former spy, David Pulkol, also described Mbabazi as the person Uganda wants.

“He will unite the country from Mukono to Karamoja.”

Pulkol continued: “I have worked with him from 1987. He is calm, a family man. You cannot provoke him, not excitable.”




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