Jobless youth: 1980 rigged poll identical twin of 2016 election


Jobless Brotherhood, a political activism youth group has launched a new campaign dubbed: “Uganda Yaffe” aimed at “taking back the country”.

While addressing the media in Kampala on Tuesday, the group labelled President Yoweri Museveni an “illegitimate President” recognising Kizza Besigye as the “genuine winner” of 2016 elections.

“We commend our brothers from far Districts who have set off for this ultimate Uganda Yaffe Campaign. However, we pray that you keep law as you approach our divisional resourceful centre for further communications.”

The youth called upon all opposition leaders at all levels disguised with victory to borrow a leaf from what they allege Defence minister Crispus Kiyonga reportedly did in 1980 as a symbol of the true Statesmanship.

“We still bear skulls, scars and wounds of the 1980 rigged election  which is a biological and identical twin brother to the 2016 bogus elections and if nothing is done soon, we are afraid as a Generation that our grand children will amend the National Anthem from the land of freedom to the land that barriers us.”

They a journey started by Ordinary Citizens, Opinion, Culture, Political Religious and Civil Society Leaders that climaxed at African Hotel where they unanimously agreed and passed the Citizens  compact on Constitutional and Electoral reforms.

“This Historical Document was meant to solve the past and future Social Political and Transitional question of the Ugandan Democratization process.”

“To our  disappoint the few greedy individuals through their offices abused the will of the people of the Republic of Uganda.”

The youth accuse Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga the Speaker of Parliament of conniving with Fredrick Ruhindi the Attorney General to trash the “Golden Document”.

The youth now accuse Kadaga and Ruhindi of treason.

“We wish to congratulate Rtd Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye for his victory robbed by the Leopard even if we were not surprised, a reason for which most of us including the 4.5 million registered voters who chose to abstain.”

“It is in this regard therefore that the Jobless Brotherhood resurfaces with the Uganda  Yaffe Campaign aimed at taking back our nation.”

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